B&B Friday Update 10/5/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/5/07


Written By Dani

Ridge and Brooke settle in for the evening. They make small talk about what a wonderful little boy their son is and how blessed they are to have him. Brooke sees this as the perfect opportunity to move in on Ridge. Here he is running to her rescue because he cares for her and stayed to be with his frightened little boy. Brooke makes another play to convince Ridge that his place is with the family. Her, Hope, and their son RJ. When Ridge doesn’t bite based on his supposed love for her Brooke doesn’t hesitate to use RJ. Ridge tries once again to let Brooke down easy but she won’t give up. Brooke begs and pleads and argues and fights for their lost relationship. Ridge doesn’t want to have this discussion in front of RJ, although he is asleep. Brooke doesn’t take RJ’s presence into account and keeps firing accusations and beliefs of their destiny at Ridge. He pulls her outside where he lays down the way it is for Brooke. He loves Ashley and wants to marry her. He and Brooke can provide a stable happy family for RJ even if they aren’t apart. Ridge cares for her but she has got to let go of the idea they will be together and raise Hope and RJ together. Brooke won’t and challenges his love for her verses Ashley. Seeing there isn’t any reasoning with her Ridge doesn’t feel he can or it would be appropriate to stay the night. Ridge leaves to go back to LA.

Back in LA at Forrester Originals Ashley decides she had better put the sketch of her wedding dress back exactly where she found it in case Ridge had intended it to be a surprise. She finds Rick in Ridge’s office. Rick has just got off the phone with Brooke and learned Ridge is in Big Bear with her for the over night trip. Brooke is being mysterious and secretive and cuts the call short claiming she cannot talk. Rick can’t wait to tell Ashley the news. He isn’t gentlemanly at all the way he tells her. Rick opens with “I think that wedding dress may be for my mom not you.” Ashley goes on the defensive and doesn’t believe Rick when he tells her where Ridge is. They bicker about Rick’s involvement and insistence that Brooke and Ridge will reunite, that’s just the way it goes.

When Ashley is left alone and angry and her mind running wild she looks up Brooke’s cell number and calls her. Brooke is sad and disappointed that Ridge left, the last thing she wants is Ashley staking claim on Ridge. Ashley is forceful getting her message across. Ridge is mine leave him alone!

Eric is high on life when he returns home to what he believes Donna’s loving and supportive arms. What Eric finds instead of his young lover is Jackie. Eric has seen this scene before. Jackie is up to her chin in bubbles inside the tub , candles lit, and sipping Champaign. Last time it was flattering and even tempting but this time Eric’s heart and desires lie else where. Eric politely tells her she should get dressed but Jackie doesn’t take the hint. She believes they now have the freedom to be together . Eric gets a call that requires him to leave the bathroom.

As Eric conducts business on a land line else where in the house Donna slips into his bedroom. Donna assumes it is Eric in the tub waiting on her. Donna slips out of her clothes to slip into the bath.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!??” Each woman asks of the other in unison. Jackie feels she is entitled to an answer first, unfortunately she isn’t pleased with the answer she has been given. Jackie turns catty towards Donna and Eric when he returns.

Eric believes it will soften the blow if Jackie knows it isn’t just a casual fling but nothing is softened, it only makes Jackie feel worse. Jackie is embarrassed, angry, and hurt. Eric offers to give her privacy to dress but Jackie exit’s the tub before he and Donna can leave. Jackie proudly struts past Donna and Eric as if to say “look at what you are missing out on”

When Jackie is robed she turns her anger on Donna. She pushes Donna into the tub of water and screams manipulative accusations at her.

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