B&B Thursday Update 10/4/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/4/07


Written By Dani

Donna introduces Eric when he has come with his answer. Eric agrees Stephanie will have no place in the company but that isn’t good enough. Nick wants Eric to divorce her. Jackie and Donna both push, prod, and beg Eric to divorce Stephanie and take back the company he created. Eric succumbs to the pressure. “Okay I will end my marriage.” he tells Nick. Both men sign their names to the contract. Nick, Donna and Jackie leave Eric to reacquaint himself with his office. Eric is delighted. He didn’t realize before how happy this place really makes him.

Donna returns ready to congratulate and celebrate with Eric. He is grateful to Donna for all of her support and faith but he has bad news. He lied. He is not going to divorce Stephanie. Donna immediately cries and pulls away from Eric. He wants to explain but just can’t seem to find the right words.

Donna gets herself together and turns to her lover. “I understand” she explains that she knows he is a good man that can’t turn his back on commitment that is why he can’t just end his marriage. She admires him for being so committed. Eric and Donna hold each other in comfort.

Ashley and ridge are getting under way with their wedding plans while Brooke is huddled in fright at the cabin at Big Bear.

Ashley goes over the guest list and notices that Stephanie has been left off. When she asks Ridge about it he explains this time she has just gone too far and leaves it at that. To keep Ashley from asking more questions he turns his attention to her physique. Ridge claims he is mentally measuring her for her wedding gown. Ridge wants to grab some dinner and head home with his fiancé but Ashley needs to stay and work. Ridge reluctantly agrees. Ashley goes to the lab while Ridge stays behind in his office.

Brooke calls after Ashley leaves. Ridge can barely understand what she is saying. Somehow Brooke is hysterical and believes Andy Johnson was in the cabin with her. Ridge promises to be there soon and runs out of the office to check on Brooke.

When he arrives Brooke is almost hidden. He gets her up and composed. When Brooke can talk about what happened Ridge reminds her of what the rape counselor told her. There will be good days and bad days. Brooke is feeling better. On that note Ridge needs to head home. Brooke asks him to stay but he doesn’t feel that he can.

Before ridge can exit the cabin RJ comes in with his blanket. He is scared. Ridge stays to calm his son and get him comfortably asleep. Just before RJ drifts off he asks if ridge will stay. Unable to say no to his youngest son Ridge agrees. Brooke is happy to hear Ridge will be staying as well. When RJ is asleep she moves to the floor in front of the fire with her little boy and his father. Ridge and Brooke hold hands to show their commitment to being the best parents they can to RJ.

Later Ashley slips back into ridge’s office in hopes he is still there. She doesn’t find Ridge but spies a sketch of her in a wedding dress. Ashley touches the sketch fondly.

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