B&B Wednesday Update 10/3/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/3/07


Written By Dani

Jackie thinks it is a wonderful idea and deal for Nick to sell Eric back the company with the condition that he divorce Stephanie. Jackie is floating on cloud nine at the possibility that Eric could be a free man. Nick is deep in thought about whether or not he is making the right decision. Whatever happens he does not want to Stephanie to have any part of the company ever again. Jackie’s girlish fantasies of what if bring Nick out of his train of thought. What?! You can’t be serious! You still have a thing for Eric Forrester? Nick can’t believe his mother is still holding out hope she may one day be with Eric. Who else? Jackie wonders aloud. If Eric is finally free of Stephanie it would only be natural that he come to her. There are no other women in his life, so she thinks. The one time friends may be soon fighting for the same man. My guess is there won’t be any fight, eric will be with Donna before Jackie even knows that the Logan came in and swooped eric up for herself.

Meanwhile, as Jackie is already planning her life with Eric Donna is convincing him that divorcing Stephanie and being free from her at last is the right thing for him to do personally and professionally. Eric admits he has felt great about himself since Donna has been inspiring him. Eric is quiet deep in thought about giving up decades of a life in order to regain control of his company. Donna presses on hoping eric has finally seen Stephanie for the vile woman that she is and what they once shared has long died. Donna begs him to move on with his life, a life he still has so much to live.

Nick calls wanting an answer to the condition. Eric simply tells him he is on his way over. Donna waits in worry and hope to hear if Eric plans to take Nick up on the deal.

The gloves come off and the claws come out in LA. Brooke makes it perfectly clear to Ashley that Ridge should be with her and RJ, specifically going on a class camp out in Big Bear. Ashley makes it even more clear that Brooke had better back off and face facts, she and Ridge are getting married. Brooke is already upset that Ashley knows about the rape and Ridge chose to defy her trust in order to share private things about her with his fiancé. Ashley lends her support and heartfelt condolences but that is a separate matter from trying to horn in on their relationship and marriage. Brooke doesn’t like the ultimatum and Ashley is serious about it. Ridge walks in with RJ. Ashley tries to make friendly conversation with RJ but Brooke interrupts and won’t let her speak to RJ. For today the feud for Ridge will have to go on the back burner but we are sure it will heat back up just as soon as Brooke returns to town.

Ridge can tell that he walked in on something and he is pretty sure it was Ashley telling Brooke the way it is going to be. Well ridge is right and Ashley isn’t ashamed to admit it. Ashley and Ridge have set a wedding date for a month away.

It may not take Brooke returning from Big Bear to begin dominating Ridge’s attention again. Brooke sleeps alone in the cabin while RJ sleeps outside in a tent with the men and boys. She tries to sleep on the couch but has a nightmare/vision of Andy attacking and raping her again. Once her good mind returns Brooke lies in the floor weeping hysterically.

Ridge is trying to work but he can’t stop worrying that Brooke is trying to do too much too soon. Ashley reaches out to assure Ridge Brooke will be fine and there will be plenty of chances in the future for all of them to spend quality time together as a family and with all of the kids. Still Ridge has a nagging feeling. Ashley is annoyed at his constant concern for Brooke.

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