B&B Tuesday Update 10/2/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/2/07


Written By Dani

Ridge pops up in the lab to say good morning to Ashley as if the previous day never happened. Ashley isn’t past the seemingly betrayal. Ashley isn’t remotely happy to see Ridge. Ridge tries to explain, claiming he couldn’t let Brooke go through modeling underwear. Something major is going on with Brooke and he is the only person that she has to turn to right now. Ridge promises to tell Ashley when something happens between Brooke and himself that concerns he and Ashley. Ashley can’t believe he has the nerve to blatantly keep secrets from her. This will not do. And by the Ridge, having this and many other arguments over secret meetings and nights away with your ex-wife, doesn’t that constitute “effecting us”? Ashley is through with secret excuses and lame apologies. If Ridge doesn’t tell her what is going on she cannot be a part of his life. Ashley is willing to be understanding and patient but not blindly so and at the cost of her own feelings. Ridge tells his fiancée that Brooke was raped. Ridge explains most of the important details but does leave out that Stephanie was the backbone of the plan. Ashley feels badly for Brooke and for Ridge. She hates that she badgered him until he told such a private thing but she has got to know she can trust him and feel safe giving her heart to him. Ridge dittos that idea, that is why he cannot be with Brooke as she would like. Both agree and concede that Brooke does want more than friendship and support from Ridge but Ridge claims he just can’t go down that road again. Ridge is in love with Ashley and wants a safe stable life for himself and his kids.

Brooke feels responsible for the fashion show bombing. Nick understands and doesn’t hold her at fault but Jackie does. Jackie rails away at brooke claiming she and Ridge could have ruined the company., as she waves a magazine with a bad review in Brooke’s face. Brooke promises to do whatever it takes to fix the trouble she caused. Jackie calms a little claiming maybe a print ad will be more to Brooke’s ability. Nick reels Jackie in and sends Brooke home to work. Nick doesn’t feel Brooke should be responsible for saving the company, only one person is to blame and that is himself. But for now they don’t have time to stand around casting blame they have to get to work and pull Forrester Creations out of the whole they are in.

Donna and Eric talk business and personal business over coffee. Donna tries again to convince Eric to go to Nick and offer to save the failing company. The company that bears his name and his blood, sweat and tears. The company that is a part of him. Eric is inspired and agrees to make the offer.

As Nick and Jackie feverishly work to keep buyers from backing out of contracts Donna announces Eric has come calling. Eric doesn’t waste anytime he outlines the terms of a contract he has in his hand to buy Forrester Creations back from Nick. Nick wants no part of the deal, promising he would see the place burn before he would let the Forresters have that company back. Eric tries to reason with Nick but his hate for Stephanie doesn’t allow him to see the big picture. Donna intervenes claiming she heard Eric was divorcing Stephanie. This gets Nick’s attention. He listens to Eric’s new secret lover as she lays out all of the reasons that Nick should sell out to Eric. The most important being the clout Eric Forrester carries in the fashion industries and in the contract it prevents any ownership or employment of Stephanie. Now Nick is thinking along the lines of jumping ship.

At home Brooke works and talks to Katie updating her on the latest between her and Ridge. Katie warns her Ashley is not going to let Ridge continue to run every time Brooke calls out for him. Brooke disagrees. Keeping Ridge on a short leash will only cause her to lose him. Brooke thinks she knows the engagement is a farce, and Ridge will come back to her. Finally they have morphed, grown, and evolved into the man and woman the other needs.

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