B&B Monday Update 10/1/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/1/07


Written By Dani

What! Ashley is astounded when Rick very happily tells her that ridge was seen at the Brooke’s Bedroom fashion show. The nerve of Ridge! To run out on making their wedding plans to see his ex-wife, Brooke flaunt herself in lingerie. Ashley is furious and rightfully so. Rick is enjoying the riff he has caused for Ridge and Ashley. Ashley calls Ridge only to learn yes, he is with Brooke; but of course he can’t talk right now. It’s a good thing she warns because he will not want to hear what she has to say. Ridge feels badly that Ashley is angry but hopefully he is about to fix all of their problems.

Ridge holds Brooke in comfort, support, and safety after the fashion show. Nick bursts into the office demanding Brooke out on the floor. One look from Brooke says it all. She really wasn’t ready. Nick feels horrible for the turmoil she is in. He and Ridge both put their feelings for each other aside to give Brooke what she needs. Jackie is the next to intrude only she has a very different take.

Jackie assumes Ridge destroyed the office in a fit a rage and jealousy then she demands Brooke attend the reception. Nick quietly tells Jackie that Brooke will not be attending the reception and Ridge was not the one who tore up the office. Ridge stands by quietly allowing Nick his time with Brooke.

Nick offers his ongoing support and compassion. Brooke feels horrible for ruining the show. Brooke asks ridge to drive her home. Of course he will but first they must make a stop. Ridge is going to get the help that she needs.

Brooke is resistant to talking with anyone least of all a stranger but Ridge insists. Especially after receiving the angry call from Ashley. He must do something to start correcting Brooke’s problems so he can move on with his own life. Brooke will not speak to the counselor unless ridge stays. Brooke begins by complimenting what a source of support Ridge has been, then she gets into her traumatic story of the rape and events surrounding it. Brooke blames herself for all of the years she paraded around in the public eye in her lingerie. This wasn’t her fault the counselor explains and gives her some facts and statistics about rape. Brooke begins to feel comfortable and surprisingly better.

Ridge on the other hand feels worse. Listening to Brooke relive the horror and knowing his mother was responsible simply makes him sick. Brooke now rescues ridge claiming he couldn’t have known or probably have stopped it. Just like their relationship Stephanie is to blame.

No matter what ridge promises he will always be there and love Brooke he tells her as he holds her close. Ridge is going to see this crisis through until she is back to her old self. Brooke misinterprets ridge’s motives. She believes he is promising himself to her for ever.

Donna feels like a failure at the fashion show and that working at Forrester Creations has done nothing to bolster her career. One man can comfort her hurt feelings and maybe turn the company around. Eric! Donna complains, pouting, that Brooke is damaged because of Stephanie, Eric is not himself because of Stephanie, and her own career is a joke. Eric feels for the blonde. Donna has a plan. Eric should buy back Forrester Creations, it’s part of who and what he is. A great sexy man. Eric likes the flattery but is a realist and doesn’t believe Nick will sell Forrester Creations back to him. If Stephanie is out of the picture she believes Nick would make a deal. Donna’s flattery doesn’t quite convince him but her dressed in lingerie that Eric originally designed seems to do the trick. Eric is turned on and impressed. With the model that is. He moves in to slowly remove the garment from Donna’s body. While doing so he criticizes the workmanship and materials but compliments the design and model. Donna has him hooked, again.

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