B&B Friday Update 9/28/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/28/07


Written By Wanda

At Forrester Creations, all are scampering about backstage when Brooke shows up. She likens it to a beehive to Nick and he agrees, a beehive without honey, but she’s the honey. He wonders if she is ready to do this, and she reminds him that she needs to do this. A lot is riding on this for both herself and for Nick and company. Jackie even buoys her by telling her that no other model can light up the room like she does…..every man wants and craves her, it’s a gift pure and simple. Clarke hands her the garment and Jackie scoots her out to do her thing. She is sure she will give the most memorable performance of her life.

Ridge and Ashley check their calendars and try to find a wedding date. She thinks they should wait for his mother, but Ridge affirms again that his mother will have nothing to do with this. She is not going to interfere in this marriage the way she did with him and Brooke. Ashley gives her an icy stare and the brush-off when Katie interrupts and wants to speak with Ridge alone. Katie states that her sister may need him as she is preparing to do something she may not be ready to do. Ridge can’t believe what Marone is thinking to let her do this. They both agree this is insane, and he rushes off muttering that he will do something about it.

Pretty models, skimpy lingerie, all the trademark Forrester. Donna, looking like the tart she is, sees Nick pacing and overhears him tell his mother they are losing $100,000 a day, so only Brooke can save the day. Donna heads to an apprehensive Brooke, who maintains she is up for this, and she just wishes everyone would quit asking her about it. She pulls her robe off, looking at the outfit underneath it. But in the full view mirror all she can see and hear is the taunting words by her rapist, Andy. How hot she was, how it was the greatest sex he’d had, how much she wanted it. Even with tears flowing, she pulls herself together and vows she will do this.

Ridge shows up to confront Nick first and tells him how sick this is, bad news. Nick assures him that Brooke insisted on doing this even after all she has been through. Ridge realizes by this statement that Nick knows about the rape. Nick quips that Forrester isn’t the only man she trusts and Ridge says well maybe he should be. Brooke interrupts and assures them both that she is fine. Nick had tried to stop her, but she insisted. She will speak with Ridge alone and then he will be on his way. She gives him the same old mantra, she NEEDS to do this, to get Brooke Logan back.  So please just for Ridge to back off. Reluctantly he does.

As the showstopper approaches, Jackie introduces Brooke three times.  Brooke is frozen as she views the audience and all she sees is Andy’s face mocking her.  She panics and runs to an office. Looking around all she sees are skimpy outfits strewn about, outfits she used to wear……her picture, her image, selling sex, sex, sex, it screams at her. Like a wild woman having a fit, she grabs the outfits and starts ripping them up. Then slowly she walks to the mirror and screams as she sees her horribly distorted face and again Andy’s voice.

Ashley returns only to find Katie still there. The women square off, Katie is not intimated. Ashley asks if she is there to try to break up her and Ridge? Enough is enough with all of these Logan women. She suggests Katie may need a reality check. She and Ridge are going to be married, and nothing can derail that. So don’t even try. And if she really cares for her sister, just advise her to stay away.

Ridge walks in on Brooke’s meltdown and puts his arms on her to assure her that he is there now and all will be okay. However she shrieks even at him and continues her pursuit by tearing off her own outfit, saying how much she hates it, how much she hates all of this. She hates flaunting herself just like Andy and Stephanie said she did. Finally down to only her bra and panties, she flings herself about until she crumples on the floor sobbing. Ridge grabs a coverlet and lays it over her and bends to comfort her saying he is there and all will be okay.

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