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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/27/07


Written By Wanda

Brooke rushes into the office, panting from being late. Nick snaps that she is not late; his mother is late. Brooke wastes no time in saying this job is important to her, but the rest of it is getting to her. She went to bed last night praying that Ridge would change his mind and not marry Ashley. He grouses that perhaps she should be praying for something else – the show tomorrow. She fires back that Ridge is the father of her child, she is not going to give up on him, but she will discuss the company with Nick. She offers that their new line, in her opinion, is not going to pull them out of the doldrums. Perhaps they should just cancel it. Nick reminds her that would be worse than showing what they do have. Jackie walks in and tells them to have a little faith….Brooke says she will do everything she can to help (little late for that, isn’t it?) and Jackie regales that she’s glad to hear that as the future of Forrester Creations may well be on Brooke’s shoulders.

Ashley and Ridge exchange kisses although she thought they were going to have a meeting. He explains they are, he wants to tell the family how happy they are about this engagement. Ashley points out that she knows his mother will be very happy. He tells her that Stephanie is out of town, but even if she were here, she’s not welcome in his office anymore. She’s interfered in his life for the last time. She wonders about his dad also; he seems to think Ridge and Brooke belong with each other. Ridge pooh-poohs that as him being a romantic….not that he’s really had a chance to show that side of himself. Stephanie has seen to that! But, he does understand passion, so he’ll come around. Might even be a little jealous; God knows it’s been a long time since he’s had any passion in his life (oh, if they only knew).

A huge vase of red roses is delivered to Donna with the card “beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady, Eric.” She doesn’t put the card down before her cell phone rings and it’s Eric asking if she likes the flowers? She giggles just before the doorbell rings, and it too is Eric. He chides her that she hadn’t answered any of his phone calls. She didn’t see the need since he said he wanted to talk. She knew what he was going to say – Stephanie is back in town…it was fun….but thanks…..goodbye. She goes on that last night was wonderful, but it was a fantasy and now back to reality. She’s just not Forrester material.

Thorne, Felicia and Phoebe join Ashley and Ridge, wondering what the big meeting is about? Rick rushes in too, uninvited, hearing there was a meeting so why wasn’t he notified? Ashley holds up her ring and they announce their engagement. Congratulations all the way around. Thorne is surprised when told his mother is out of town so she doesn’t know about this yet. And such bad timing, her being gone right before a fashion show, his dad is already edgy enough. Felicia states that it seems more than that, this time it is different though she can’t quite put her finger on it.

Donna tries to make excuses for last night and then just asks Eric to leave. He can’t  just walk away from the most intriguing woman he’s ever met? He’d be crazy to do that or as stupid as Stephanie always says he is. He tells her yesterday was wonderful and last night amazing, but that is not the reason he is there. He’s there because he wants to be….he likes her…he likes her way too much to disrespect her and he is surprised that she would think of him that way.

Jackie states they need to shake things up and no one does that better than Brooke. Brooke is sorry that she wasn’t there to help more. Grumpy Nick says it is the designs that are not any help. Clarke takes exception to this statement. He tells Captain Marone it may be Forrester over the door, but it is still his name on the sketch pad. Jackie asks if they have all read this article? Not only are they losing money, but also losing face. Nick thinks that will change when they hit them with the trademark infringement lawsuit. Jackie says that will be a big mistake, all it will do is generate more sympathy for Eric and his family. It will make them look weak and everyone will know they can’t beat the Forresters on the runway. Jackie laughs, so they will beat them in the bedroom. Let them embrace what sets Forrester Creations apart – Brooke Logan and her world-famous sex appeal.  

Eric assures Donna he doesn’t hold the same opinion of her that Stephanie does. She wonders if he is seeing Donna just to torture Stephanie? He confesses he has no agenda,  no plans, he just wants to spend more time with her….to talk to her. It’s been a long time since he’s done that or anybody really listened to him. Kind of reminds him of the man he used to be…and that man was way too smart to walk away from a woman as extraordinary as she is.  

Ridge looks over some gowns and they all gloat they can beat the competition with their hands tied behind their backs. But hey, Felicia quips, why don’t they just drop an anvil on their heads? Maybe then Nick will get that he doesn’t belong in this business. Rick chimes in that his mother does, and as long as she does he doesn’t think they should underestimate anybody. Others say they could capitalize on her fame and sex appeal. Ridge surmises she won’t do that. she’s in a very different place in her life right now. She will always have his respect, but no way is Forrester Creations going to beat them, they shouldn’t even call them the competition, clearly they are NOT!

Jackie and Clark try to convince Nick that the Brooke’s Bed Line is the way to get them back on track. Jackie calls in two models showing off their assets….they are beautiful and Jackie says their clients will feel that way too when they are wearing them. She reminds him that Forrester Originals is designing for celebrities and royalty…..they need to sell their clients a more personal kind of luxury. Nick still doesn’t like it. And Jackie is obviously touting Brooke since the brand suffered when Donna was the spokesperson. Brooke is not sure she would be comfortable with it, but Clark and Jackie keep pushing that she should not be behind a desk, but out front and center. Nick is adamant, they are not reviving the Bedroom Line, that is final! Brooke asks to speak with him alone. Nick still tells her this is not gonna happen, not after what she has been through.

Donna is not used to getting compliments like that and can’t believe Eric is serious. He is serious, he asks her to join him for dinner tonight – at 7 o’clock. Then he leaves for the office as he is feeling inspired.  Office – that reminds her that she was told of an emergency meeting. Eric thinks that is good, that means her bosses are in a tizzy over his collection. One last thing, he plants a deep kiss on her.

Ashley mentions that it would have been nice to tell Ridge’s dad about their engagement. He told Eric’s assistant, so he doesn’t know why he didn’t show. She tells him of seeing Brooke yesterday, and that she is not giving up on Ridge. He knows, but thinks Brooke will be back at work soon and will only focus on her career and her kids. She’s one of the most passionate executives in the business, and she will find herself again. She won’t let Forrester Creations go down without a fight, so whatever Nick has planned, she will be right in the center of it.

Brooke and Nick spar, but he is not going to let her do something that will hurt her, she needs time to heal. She argues that she won’t let that bastard make her ashamed of herself.  He agrees that she doesn’t have to. But she will if she hides behind a desk the rest of her life….but she can put herself out there in the spotlight like the sexy, confidant, woman that she really is…..and isn’t afraid to show it. He stares at her in disbelief as she finishes…….she NEEDS to do this….not just for the business, but for herself. She has to get herself back….the person that she knows…Brooke Logan. She has to get out there on the runway; she can do this!

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