B&B Wednesday Update 9/26/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/26/07


Written By Dani

Brooke rebounds from the previous night’s blow to her ego and heart by returning to work. She doesn’t get much work done though. First thing on her agenda, tell Nick what happened. Nick is happy to hear that she and Ridge are not going to be together but Brooke has other ideas in mind. Brooke makes excuses for ridge and tries to justify that they are really meant for each other but Nick isn’t interested in hearing about her love for Ridge. It doesn’t matter now because Ridge is engaged to Ashley Abbott.

Ridge and Ashley may be engaged but they aren’t married yet and they won’t be because she and Ridge are meant to be together. Nick encourages her to accept Ridge and Ashley’s marriage just as she did his and Taylor’s. That’s different, Brooke explains, she and Nick don’t share a connection or bond that will link them for life like she and Ridge have. Brooke brings RJ up and how they will always be joined together through that little boy. Brooke uses a hypothetical example of “what if you and I had had a baby together?” Things would be different for them now and they would be connected and she would not have let him marry Taylor. Brooke gets Nick’s attention as she declares her hold on him had they of had a baby. What kind of trouble and hurt would she causes Taylor and him if she knew Taylor was carrying her fertilized egg. Brooke will not tolerate another woman playing mommy to RJ.

After getting her thoughts and feeling off her chest to Nick Brooke rushes over to Forrester Originals to convince Ridge it is her he really wants and loves. In her search for Ridge in the office building Brooke goes to the lab. Ashley politely apologizes for the awkwardness last night and tries to befriend Brooke. Brooke is insulted by the apology and turns asking “are you asking me to back off?” Ashley’s self sufficiency and confidence comes as a surprise to Brooke. No one said anything about asking, try telling.

Brooke makes it clear she is not backing off and she will be with Ridge and raise their family together. Brooke may have finally met her match. Ashley tells, not asks, she tells Brooke that Ridge does not love her and is tired of her constant drama and immaturity. Ashley goes on to be crystal clear that she is not a woman to be messed with or manipulated. Brooke is snappy and insulting to Ashley who very much holds her own and keeps Brooke in her place. She is the EX-wife of Ridge not the current or soon-to-be and that is the way it is. This infuriates Brooke who promises that no one will stand in her and Ridge’s way especially not Ashley.

Before Brooke’s arrival in the lab Rick comes by . Ashley is stern and clear that his flirtatious behavior must end. Rick thinks that Brooke assumed the ring was for her because she is receiving mixed signals from ridge. If that is the case then what does that say about Ridge’s devotion to Ashley. Ashley dismisses Rick’s thoughts and warning believing he is just speaking out of jealousy.

Ridge talks to Taylor about his new engagement. Taylor is glad to see that he has finally moved past Brooke and wishes him the happiness that he deserves. Taylor is concerned that obtaining peace and happiness with Ashley isn’t going to be as easy as Ridge is acting like it will be. Brooke is not going to just back off and let him find happiness with another woman. You’d better listen to the Doc’s advice Ridge she does know first hand what it is like to always have Brooke after her man.

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