B&B Tuesday Update 9/25/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/25/07


Written By Dani

Ashley is devastated when she walks in to find the man she loves in the arms of another woman who is wearing a new engagement ring. The hypothetical punch to the gut feeling doesn’t last long, for Ashley at least. Boy is Brooke in for a surprise. Ridge wants to quickly correct the mistake both women have made. He moves to Ashley’s side to telling her it isn’t what she thinks. How many times is that really true, but this time it is. Brooke laughs “how can this gorgeous engagement ring be a mistake?” Well, for starters it not for you! Ridge with dread to her reaction tells Brooke the ring was meant for Ashley. Brooke instantly argues claiming Ridge is wrong. Ridge goes on telling her, he asked her there for dinner to let her down easy not to purpose.

Ashley steps out to give them time to talk. Ashley waits by the pool still trying to digest what she just experienced. Rick calls ready to gloat about being right. Ashley tries to wrap her tongue around the words and the facts in between Rick’s interruptions. Finally she gets the story out. Ashley tells Rick she walked in on Ridge and Brooke together and Brooke was wearing an engagement ring but the ring was meant for her. It is starting to sink in now as she says out loud. “Ridge intends to marry me.” As if she doesn’t even believe it. Rick isn’t happy to hear this news at all. Ridge has not only hurt his mother, again. He is now taking Rick’s romantic interest from him. Can Brooke and Rick form a strong enough alliance to stop Ridge and Ashley from marrying?

Brooke dictates Ridge’s feelings for each of the women. She tells him exactly how he is supposed to and does feel for her and for Ashley. Ridge can’t believe her nerve and tries to tell her, again, that he doesn’t want to keep making the same mistakes over and over. She acknowledges Ridge may be attracted to Ashley but that is all it is. “They” ,were meant to be together. Brooke cannot and will not accept what Ridge is telling her. Brooke falls back on their timeless love. Theirs is a love story for all ages, according to Brooke. Ridge swears he will always love Brooke and she will keep a special place in his heart but he is not in love with her anymore.

Brooke wants to blame Stephanie for being the wall that always drove them apart. Stephanie did effect their relationship but she did not control it.

Brooke turns to the only card she has left to play. RJ. Ridge has had enough of Brooke’s games and blaming Stephanie for ALL of their problems now and in the past. That simply isn’t so.

Ridge gives Brooke a very cold dose of reality reminding her of all the times she turned to another man. Ridge wants to know if she was thinking about RJ all those times she chose Nick over him, or when she turned to Nick the second she was back on American soil and walked away from their engagement. When was it ever RJ and their family and Ridge’s feelings that Brooke was thinking about before now? Just thinking about Brooke’s past makes Ridge angry.

Even with her past mistakes and indiscretions thrown in her face Brooke contends Ridge’s future is with her and he loves her. Brooke asks if he is just afraid she isn’t over with Nick. If that is the case she promises that she and Nick will never be together, they don’t have a connection like she and Ridge has. Ridge will never get past her turning to and depending on his half-brother but that isn’t it anymore. He is in love with Ashley. Ridge tells her flat out. Ashley is his future.

Brooke goes home broken hearted and tells Katie about her evening. Brooke still believes Ridge and Ashley will not be together, it isn’t meant to be.

Ridge feels horrible for having to be so harsh with Brooke but it needed to be done. Luckily Ashley is on hand to comfort him. With the cat out of the bag Ridge tells her he intended a special more romantic evening to purpose but ……… Ridge gets down on one knee and purposes to Ashley who gleefully accepts.

Thorne thanks Katie for speaking out when she did it saved him from making a huge mistake. Thorne thinks things would have been decent for a while with Donna but eventually they could not have lived together without love. That isn’t why he came to see her. Thorne has found a photograph of them together at Ridge and Brooke’s first wedding. They have a laugh about the twenty year old photo and the time they spent together that year. Thorne teases Katie for having a crush on a band member that sang a song they danced to at the wedding. Katie makes the excuse it was the 90’s. Thorne can’t say much he points out his hair-do in the photograph. Thorne invites Katie to a new club that only plays 90’s music on Thursdays sometime if she’d like to go with him. Katie accepts she would like that. Is this the beginning of a Forrester/Logan match to end all other love connections for the two families. It looks like it. And finally B&B got it right.

Thorne and Katie isn’t the only Forrester man and Logan sister to be sparking up a romance. Eric and Donna get pretty heated as they kiss by the fire. Eric stops before it goes too far. He asks Donna to leave though he really doesn’t want her to. “It is for the best” he explains. Donna is disappointed and lets herself out. Or does she? That isn’t Donna’s style to tuck her tail and leave.

Do we know Donna or what? Eric turns in for the evening only to find Donna waiting on him in bed. Donna innocently tells him she didn’t think he really wanted her to leave. Eric just lies there, he doesn’t try to send her away. Eric feels his marriage is standing in his way but Donna coldly tells him he doesn’t owe Stephanie anything. Eric gives in and accepts Donna’s advances. Could Donna have finally found true love or is big sister going to step in and interfere. That is Brooke’s MO, turn from one Forrester male to another and we all know Brooke has always owned Eric’s heart. Brooke has never had to rival a sister for affection from a man, will she now?

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