B&B Monday Update 9/24/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/24/07


Written By Dani

Ridge has really gone all out for his dinner with Brooke. He has hired a caterer and wait staff to set up a candlelit dinner place setting in his living room. Brooke arrives and is impressed and touched that he went to so much effort just for her. While they dine and sip wine Brooke rambles on and on. She is overjoyed that Ridge has also finally seen his future is with her and their son, so she believes. Ridge canít get a word in.

Brooke blames Stephanie for every failed attempt to be together but now they will have the life they were meant to have. Brooke is ready to move on and live her life without the lies and manipulation and sabotage attempts. Ridge agrees that Stephanie did interfere too much in their past and they probably would be together had Stephanie not manipulated the situation and people. Finally Brooke realizes she is dominating the conversation and Ridge had something he wanted to say.

Ridge begins with telling Brooke that he will always love her and it was due to her that he grew into the man he is today. Brooke bats her eyes and smiles coyly absorbing the flattery. Ridge promises they will work together to make sure RJ has the best life possible. Before Ridge can tell Brooke they will not be getting back together and that he is going to marry Ashley an interruption from the kitchen pulls him away. Ridge attends to the grill leaving Brooke alone. Ashley calls Ridgeís cell phone twice. Brooke hears the phone and checks the ID screen. Brooke finds the engagement ring tucked away as she searches for the ringing phone. She opens the box and is amazed by the huge gorgeous ring. Brooke is so thrilled believing that Ridge intends to purpose to her at dinner she goes ahead and slips the ring on her finger. Ridge returns just as she is admiring it on her hand. Brooke runs into his arms. The embrace is awkward. Ridge doesnít have a chance to push Brooke and away and tell her the ring is not intended for her before Ashley enters his house. Brooke turns to welcome Ashley still in Ridgeís arms. The first thing Ashley sees is the enormous engagement ring. ďOh my god! Youíre engaged?!Ē she asks astounded. Rick was right all along. There isnít anyone or anything that can stop Ridge and Brooke from being together. Ashley had actually just come from the lab trying to avoid Rick who wanted to dwell on the time Ridge has been spending with Brooke and what it really means. Ashley doesnít want to hear it and commits to having faith in Ridge and their relationship before walking out on Rick.

Eric and Donna hang out by the pool after they kiss talking about their lives. Eric is sorry he kissed her but Donna isnít. Felicia pulls into the driveway bringing an end to their relaxing evening. Donna runs into the house to get dressed fearing it is Stephanie returning home.

Felicia has news. Just as she had begun to give up on Constantine and love in general, Constantine called wanting to see her. She is going to meet Constantine who is out on a concert tour. Eric is happy to hear Feliciaís love life seems to be improving at least someoneĎs is.

Felicia wants to share her news with Stephanie. It isnít until now she learns Stephanie has fled town. Eric doesnít tell Felicia why Stephanie has left and why he canít forgive her this time. Felicia doesnít think anything is serious enough to drive Eric and Stephanie apart and they will work things out as they always do. Eric doesnít believe that to be true this time. What Stephanie has done is too horrible, itís unforgivable. Felicia wants to know what is so bad but Eric doesnít want to taint his daughters image of her mother. Felicia fights for her parents marriage but Eric isnít willing to see past Stephanieís out of control behavior.

While Felicia is trying to convince Eric that he and Stephanie belong together Donna is inside the house preparing to slip away before being detected. A messenger rings the bell and Donna canít resist answering. The messenger has a letter that must be signed for by Felicia or Eric only. Donna signs Feliciaís name and takes the letter. The letter is from Stephanie.

Donna reads the letter and contemplates burning it but she doesnít. Eric is surprised to find Donna is still there after Felicia leaves. Donna gives Eric the letter. Donna admits that she thought of burning the letter but something about Eric makes her want to be a better person. He wonít read the letter, tossing it aside claiming he already knows what it says. Unfortunately he has read one to many of these letters before. Itís filled with apologies that arenít true and promises to never do anything so heinous again. Itís just more of Stephanieís lies and manipulation and he is through with it all.

Donna and Eric sit together analyzing what has gone wrong with their love lives. Eric kisses Donna again. She is falling in love with him, this time it is for real.

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