B&B Friday Update 9/21/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/21/07


Written By Dani
Pictures By Suzanne

Eric gives Donna a tour of the house that lands them at the pool. Donna is blown away at all of the luxuries. She has never seen the house in all of it’s entirety. The Forrester mansion contains a game room, billiards room, theatre. Donna is wowed that who ever designed the house really intended to have fun and live life to the fullest. Eric admits he is the designer and at one time in his life he did enjoy his time but lately things just aren’t the way he expected them to be. Eric confides how he misses the fun he used to have in the house and he feels like a failure that his life has become so mundane. Donna doesn’t think Eric is a failure at all she thinks he is just bored. Donna points out all of Eric’s accomplishments professionally. Eric enjoys having attention and flattery poured upon him. Donna tries to entice Eric to take a swim to loosen up and begin enjoying himself again. Eric passes but offers the pool up for her to enjoy. Donna accepts only she doesn’t have suit. “Don’t let that stop you.” Donna dives in with nothing but her birthday suit on. Eric sits by the edge sipping cocktails telling Donna how he and Stephanie used to be very different people. He even shares there was a time Stephanie was in the same pool, same position, same “suit” Donna is shocked that Stephanie would let loose with her sexuality. Eric remembers a very different Stephanie than the one she has become. Donna can see it is the old Stephanie that Eric fell in love with and is still in love with. Eric agrees but not even the old Stephanie can make him forgive and forget what she did to Brooke. Eric has made up his mind that his days of excusing Stephanie’s behavior are over. Eric and Donna kiss when he helps her out of the pool and helps her dry off.

Ashley works out her frustration and hurt feelings in the lab. She is working on a new edgy more adult perfume named after Felicia. Rick doesn’t help her mood when he comes to her on the premise of work but uses the new fragrance to let her know how much he regrets letting her get away. Rick compliments her sensuality, and class, and sophistication. Rick wants another shot with Ashley but she is in love with Ridge. Rick is glad to hear there are problems between Ridge and Ashley and reminds her how powerful the “Ridge and Brooke locomotive is” and it will roll over anything or anyone in it’s way. Rick gets caught up in the memory of the many times Brooke and Ridge broke someone’s heart. Rick jokes with her that she will not be accepted into the Brooke and Ridge club so don’t be expecting to learn the secret handshake. Ashley can’t take his insistence and insinuation that she doesn’t have a prayer with Ridge anymore and leaves claiming she needs to be somewhere.

Ashley waits in the sauna in hopes that Ridge will be there like they had planned earlier. Finally relaxing, Ashley is soothed more when a pair of very masculine hands begin to massage the tension in her shoulders. Ashley gives into the massage until she figures out it is Rick and not Ridge. Ashley scolds Rick for following her. There Rick and Ashley stand naked in the steam having no idea the decisions that are being made between Ridge and Brooke.

Brooke insists that Ridge end things with Ashley so they can begin the rest of their lives together the way they have always planned. Ridge tries to tell her that they aren’t going to be together. He does love her but not like that. Brooke will always share a place in his heart but that is as far as it will go. Ridge doesn’t understand why Brooke thinks this time would be any different. Because, Stephanie will not be there to interfere, Brooke tells him. Brooke leaves Ridge with a kiss and to think about her deep love for him that she has always felt and always will. Think is exactly what Ridge does.

Ridge asks his personal jeweler to meet at his house. The jeweler gives Ridge a hard time about the many times he has been there for the same purpose, for Ridge to select an engagement ring. Ridge agrees it has been pretty excessive but this time is the last. Ridge picks out an engagement ring and promises the jeweler that this time it will last forever.

Ridge calls Brooke inviting her to dinner and for conversation. Brooke is elated by the invitation believing that she has won Ridge’s heart away from Ashley. After hanging up with Brooke he looks at the ring. “Tonight is the first night of the rest of my life. With you.”

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