B&B Thursday Update 9/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/20/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is refreshed and ready to return to work. Nick is surprised to walk into his office and find his head designer that has been missing in action. Especially when she is holding the sonogram pictures of his and Taylor’s baby. Nick couldn’t sleep at all the night before from worry over who the mother of his child is so he had to go to Bridget’s house first thing to vent. Bridget didn’t offer much support or answers. With that on his mind Brooke isn’t exactly welcomed back with open arms. After she tells her boss and ex-husband that she is now ready to work and better than ever, Nick expresses his disappointment in Brooke for not coming to him when she was going through something. Brooke can’t keep anything to herself, she tells him about the rape. Nick is surprised certainly not expecting that news. Brooke makes him promise not to tell anyone, especially Taylor. Nick agrees. They discuss her future and where she will go from here in her life. Brooke makes the same promise to Nick that she made days earlier to Eric and Ridge. She will not let this defeat her, she will come back stronger than ever. Brooke is optimistic and convinced that she has her future figured out it always has been. Her future is with Ridge. Brooke is going to be with the father of her child and they will make a life together. Brooke further explains that she had once believed her future and life was with Nick and she could even give him a child but the day Taylor became pregnant she knew he was committed to the mother of his child.

Nick is still reeling from the possibility that Brooke could be the mother of his child that Taylor is carrying. Nick’s feelings for Brooke have never completely left him. Is everything he once felt for her coming back stronger than ever now that he could have the baby he always wanted with the woman he wanted to have a child with?

Ashley and Ridge cuddle but it is time to face the real world. Ridge wants to lie in bed but Ashley is the barer of bad news when she reminds him they have a huge show to prepare for. Ashley wants to carpool believing they are back together and everything is fine but Ridge can’t. He plans to drop by and check on Brooke. Ashley doesn’t hide her disapproval and disappointment in this decision. Ridge tries to smooth things over with her without revealing what it is he is hiding for Brooke. Ashley tells him from the beginning they have had trust issues, especially when they concern secrets with ex lovers. Ashley asks him one last time for him to trust her enough to tell her what is so important he can’t pull himself away from Brooke. Ashley gets nothing but silence from Ridge. She will not live like this and she walks out after Ridge will not tell her what is so very important that he must put Brooke ahead of her.

Brooke arrives home and is happy to see Ridge. That is until she hears what he has to say. Ridge wants to tell Ashley about the rape because keeping it from her is causing strain on their relationship. Brooke is casual and confidant. She doesn’t even flinch when she gives Ridge a surprising answer. Brooke tells him it is time that Ashley know, she wants him back. Brooke understands that there is an attraction there for Ridge and Ashley is a nice woman but Ridge’s future is with her and their family. Ridge just stares at her in disbelief. Who will Ridge betray? Ashley? And keep Brooke’s secret there fore jeopardizing his relationship and future with her. Or Brooke? And tell Ashley though he promised he wouldn’t. An important woman in Ridge’s life is sure to be betrayed.

Thorne calls Donna and asks to meet at his parents house. He wants to make peace. Donna is hurt that he is trying to explain calling off their wedding in the same room they were to be married in and he walked out on her and their life. Thorne realizes the dark place he was in when they hooked up and is grateful that Donna showed him that there is life after Darla. Donna is touched and had hoped for a different meeting but she accepts what Thorne has to say. Donna still believes she could have made him and Alley happy. They part on good terms but I’m not sure how friendly they will be when Donna sets her sights on Eric.

After Thorne and Donna’s meeting Eric finds himself lost and alone in the empty house. He fills his moments of loneliness by playing the piano. Donna returns to the house after speaking with Thorne and finds Eric, lonely and still disturbed by Brooke’s rape. Eric is filled with guilt blaming himself for letting Stephanie’s behavior go so far. Donna tries to convince him not to blame himself. Stephanie is her own woman and Stephanie is responsible for bringing Andy Johnson into Brooke’s life. Donna is a friend and comfort for him all while falling in love for the eldest Forrester man. Eric too is curious about the feelings that are being aroused by his connection with Donna and her kindness and compassion.

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