B&B Wednesday Update 9/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/19/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Taylor goes on and on about how grateful she is Brooke is out of her and Nick’s life for good. Taylor remembers what it was like to constantly be looking over her shoulder waiting for Brooke to strike, and Brooke always did strike. Taylor talks more about herself and how great her life is and how miserable it once was with Brooke always looming on the sidelines, than trying to be a friend to Ashley and give her helpful advice. Ashley has heard all of this before. The story of Ridge and Brooke’s connection is legendary. Taylor does have one compliment for Ashley, she is handling Brooke’s play for Ridge with class and dignity and Ridge likes that in a woman. Ashley isn’t feeling so much like the champion in the fight for Ridge’s heart. And fight is certainly not what she is willing to lower herself to do for any man. Ashley is beginning to believe everything that Eric and Taylor have warned. Ridge and Brooke will never be completely finished.

To Ashley’s surprise Ridge calls and asks to meet her at her home. He is already there waiting for her. Ashley arrives expecting to hear a prepared speech to let her down easy. She wants to prevail with some dignity as if she had choice in the matter and tells Ridge how she refuses to be a pawn to stroke his ego. Ridge has quite the opposite to tell her. Ridge doesn’t divulge why he had to be at Brooke’s side but can promise his days of coming to Brooke’s rescue are over. Ridge explains that he realizes he hasn’t been the man he should have been towards Ashley lately but it is her he wants to be with for the rest of his life. She is glad to hear he still feels for her as she feels for him. They make love and bask in Ridge’s freedom from Brooke’s hold.

Brooke has moved back into her own home. Katie will be moving in as well since she and Donna obviously have had their falling out. Brooke is excited to have the house filling up again, she only wishes Ridge were going to be a part of it. Katie can tell Brooke is upset that things did not naturally happen for her and Ridge and tries to get Brooke’s mind off of him by asking if she were happy with Nick. Brooke remembers how happy her and Nick were and also how selfish she was by not wanting to give Nick the baby he so badly wanted until it was too late. Brooke faces facts with remorse that Nick is happy and committed now to Taylor and their baby. Brooke blames herself for losing two wonderful men but she has come to realize it is Ridge that is her destiny and it will work out.

Once the idea sinks in that Taylor’s baby could be his and Brooke’s, Nick decides he doesn’t care. At first he considers having a pre-birth DNA test run but decides against it when Bridget tells him he will have to wait until the baby is born. Nick doesn’t want Taylor to be worried with battling for the baby she has carried for nine months and is expecting to raise with him. Nick fully intends to move on with their life as planned regardless of who the mother is.

Now that the possible truth is out in the open and more could be learned Bridget isn’t so sure life will be as simple as Nick wants it to be. Bridget knows in her heart Brooke will not just sign away a child that is biologically hers and Nick’s. Nick intends to deal with that fact when the time comes.

Nick’s decision to keep the possible true biological mother from Taylor is reiterated in his mind and heart when he arrives home to see Taylor basking in her pregnancy glow. Taylor who is still harping on Brooke’s hold on Ridge and how she is delighted over never having to go through what Ashley is going through again, gets quite a little kick from the baby as she criticizes Brooke. Nick rushes to fell the kicks of his unborn child. Everything is so real. Nick stands by his wife and promises that she and the baby will be the center of his world forever, no matter what.

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