B&B Tuesday Update 9/18/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/18/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Nick can’t get what he heard Bridget and Carl arguing about out of his mind so he goes to Bridget’s to get answers. He assumes there is something wrong with the babies health and wants to prepare himself and his wife for it. Before Nick arrives Carl drops in on Bridget claiming he forgot to show her something. Bridget cuts him short making it clear she is not going to listen to his theories and speculations any more about whose baby Taylor is carrying. Bridget threatens if he doesn’t let it go now she will cut off all association with him. Carl acts as though the only reason he came by was to show her how to lock the keypad on her new phone. Nick bangs at the door demanding answers. Bridget stashes Carl in the bedroom before she answers the door. Nick is going on and on about what he over heard. Quoting her and Carl and insisting she tell him if she knows something is wrong with the baby. She assures him the bay is in perfect health but Bridget knows immediately the gig is up so she confesses everything.

She begins the story in Australia and the break-up that ensued between Ridge and Brooke leading her back to Nick when she returned home. Bridget explains how Brooke was desperate to win Nick back even after she found out he and Taylor were engaged and trying to plan a family together. Brooke had tests run on her eggs to make sure she could still have children after they learned that Taylor was unable to conceive. Brooke had no idea what had happened or even what could have happened when both dishes of eggs were labeled “Mrs. Marone“. Both donated eggs ended up in the same lab and there was question about which eggs were actually inseminated into Taylor. Bridget defends herself, the lab, and the hospital and tells Nick she believes the donor eggs are the ones Taylor is carrying. Nick can’t accept that answer, he needs to know for sure. If the baby is his and Brooke’s, what is he suppose to do then? Nick expects Bridget to have an answer. But she doesn’t. He is angry with Bridget for keeping this from them for six months.

Ashley drops off some fragrance samples for Phoebe giving her and Taylor a chance to talk. Taylor asks about her relationship with Ridge but Ashley seems vague as if she doesn’t have an answer. Taylor recognizes the signs. Ridge is spending too much time with Brooke. Taylor warns her to keep her guard up at all times if she plans to be with Ridge. Ashley is feeling neglected and even a little jealous. She is even considering just backing out and leaving Brooke and Ridge to be together. Taylor doesn’t think that is necessary. Taylor is just grateful she has absolutely nothing that keeps her or Nick tied to Brooke.

Ridge and Brooke have a few moments alone to talk when Katie takes the kids for ice cream. They talk about Stephanie and Eric and Brooke’s sisters in the beginning but Brooke cant resist to use the moment to move in on what she wants. Ridge.

Brooke tells him how grateful she is for his love and support and how it seems so right them being a family again. Ridge didn’t realize she was hanging onto what they once shared and has been reading too much into his help as of late. He tries to let her down easy with her emotional issues right now but Brooke hammers away insisting they are meant to be and can be happy as a family.

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