B&B Monday Update 9/17/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/17/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Brooke has finally gotten around to telling Katie and Donna about her rape. Both are horrified by the news. Their horror turns to rage when Eric drops by and lets it slip that Stephanie had a hand in the tragedy. Donna is moved when Eric delivers a touching speech offering his and Ridge’s unconditional support during her recovery. Eric tells Brooke how strong he knows that she is and how she will come back from this. But most importantly no matter what Stephanie’s reign of terror to Brooke and the entire Logan family stops here, now, today.

Katie stays behind with Brooke to care for her while Donna decides to wind down with a drink at Café Russe. Donna wasn’t the only one with that idea. Eric is already a drink or two ahead of her. Katie talks to Brooke not about the rape but about her feelings for Ridge and what she believes is taking place between her and Ridge now that she is in the home like they used to be. Careful Brooke. I heard there is a marriage proposal in Ridge’s future and it isn’t going to be you he is purposing to. Katie is supportive of Brooke’s relationship with Ridge unlike her feelings about Donna’s marriage to Thorne. Brooke agrees. If Donna was marrying Thorne for the wrong reasons than Katie saved their sister from a lot of pain and trebled in the future.

Donna joins Eric where they discuss the nasty nature and misdeeds of his wife. Eric and Stephanie’s marriage turns into a conversation about forsaking personal happiness for the greater good of the family. Real chemistry is mixing and flowing as they help each other through the lack of love and passion in both of their lives. When Eric can feel they are getting to intimate in conversation he calls it a night. Before he leaves for home he offers to have his car return for Donna so she may feel free to drink as much as she likes. Donna knows that Stephanie is out of town. Will she keeps Eric’s sheets warm while his cold wife is away sulking?

Café Ruse is a busy place with Nick and Taylor and Bridget and Carl also dining out tonight. Carl has asked Bridget to dinner because he feels the head of medicine and the head of the cryo lab or in cahoots to cover up the mixed up fertilized eggs that Taylor is carrying, after he saw them having breakfast together. Bridget dismisses his notion wanting to accept the final answer she had been given months ago. Bridget changes the topic by showing off her new PDA. Carl is glad she brought up the subject because she has accidentally called him three different times this week. Bridget is confused because she knows she didn’t call him. Carl explains it was just noise so she must have bumped it when it wasn’t locked. Before Carl can show her how to lock the keep pad Nick and Taylor come by with an important question.

Nick and Taylor ask Bridget if she will be the baby’s Godmother. Surprised by the request she gleefully accepts. This upsets Carl. Nick and Taylor invite Bridget and Carl to join them for a celebratory dessert but Bridget feels it would be best to leave before Carl can cause a scene. Bridget ends the evening and they leave the restaurant.

In the parking garage Carl hops in Bridget’s car insisting they talk about Taylor’s pregnancy. Bridget bumps her cell phone when she is getting into the car and accidentally dials Nick. Nick listens in wonder and fright as Bridget and Carl argue over whether or not they should say something to Nick and Taylor. Bridget puts her foot down demanding Carl let it go. Bridget has had enough! She doesn’t want to talk about the cryo lab, the fertilized eggs, or Taylor’s pregnancy anymore. She orders him to drop the subject and not bring it up again. Nick tries screaming into the phone for answers but Bridget can’t hear him.

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