B&B Friday Update 9/14/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/14/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

No! It can’t be? Stephanie!? Unfortunately it is Ridge tells Brooke who is in disbelief. Brooke has a harder time accepting that Stephanie is the one who provided all of Andy’s information than Ridge does. Ridge is pleased by any means but has faced the truth. Ridge gives Brooke the facts as he knows them. The truly convincing part for him was bits of conversation he had with Andy up on the roof before his death. Andy had made the statement if Ridge went to the police “he would be in for a shock.” And “someone served Brooke up on a silver platter” After close consideration what Andy knew only select people had knowledge of, Stephanie being one of them. Brooke is believing Ridge but just can’t understand why and how Stephanie could have gone this far.

They call Stephanie together and only get voicemail. Ridge swears Stephanie will never be a apart of his life again. Both leave threatening ,angry messages. Brooke is having second thoughts about pressing charges now that she knows it was Stephanie. Ridge feels Stephanie has sunk too low and should pay for what she has done. Brooke knows that if Ridge has cast Stephanie out of his life she will be living the worst thing in the world that could happen to her.

Brooke dresses to go confront Stephanie in person at the house.

Before Brooke and Ridge arrive Bridgett stops by to ask Eric to check on Brooke. Bridgett is very emotional and won’t look Eric in the eye. Little does she know just moments before she came to visit Eric was feverishly searching for incriminating evidence to prove Stephanie set Brooke up to be raped. His search was stalled when he came across a locked drawer in Stephanie’s desk. Eric tells her he knows what happen and they discuss the horror of it and who could have tipped Andy off about Brooke’s life. Eric doesn’t tell his daughter what he has learned but his anger towards Stephanie is bubbling over. Bridgett steps out of the room to take a phone call allowing Eric a chance to pry open the lock on the drawer. Inside is just what he needs. Eric has thoroughly searched Stephanie’s desk and personal effects and found the cocktail napkin with Andy’s name and number and the clipping of Andy and Brooke from the newspaper. Eric wants a piece of Stephanie himself.

Ridge and Brooke just barely miss Stephanie. As does Eric, who was upstairs when Stephanie returns home and leaves again. Brooke assumes Stephanie is on her way to the office and wants to rush after her but Eric finds a letter meant for Brooke. Everyone is surprised. She reads it aloud. Stephanie admits to bringing Andy into Brooke’s life but never with the intention to harm her. Stephanie thought Andy would fill the void and loneliness Brooke was experiencing and claims she had no idea Andy was a rapist. She sincerely apologizes throughout the letter and feels horrible and shameful for what she has done.

Brooke breaks down into a fit of fury. Brooke screams at the top of her lungs that Stephanie is a coward that couldn’t even face her. She slams photos of Stephanie to the floor breaking each one. Ridge and Eric stand by letting Brooke work through her rage and believing it is justified. Each former husband feels terrible for what Brooke had to go through at the hand of their mother and wife. Brooke has their support when she vows to come back from this tragedy a stronger and more powerful woman. A survivor of rape.

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