B&B Thursday Update 9/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/13/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Felicia waits with Brooke to hear from Ridge. Each are worried and nervous about what Ridge could discover. They pass the time by talking. Felicia is concerned that Brooke is reading too much into Ridge’s recent help and support. Brooke argues her feelings for Ridge and his for her. Brooke thinks Felicia is just brainwashed by Stephanie into believing Ridge and Ashley should be together. Seeing that Brooke will never move beyond her past with Ridge Felicia changes the subject. She tries to get Brooke thinking about what she wants to do if Ridge does find the party that helped Andy. Brooke doesn’t want to think about that right now but the grim reality is she must start making decisions that only she can make. Felicia is very concerned not just for Brooke and what she went through but what if this person does the same thing to someone else. If Brooke reports what happened it could save some innocent person from going through the same horror.

Plus ,Felicia’s fear is if Brooke doesn’t agree to press charges Ridge will take matters into his own hands. Ridge cannot afford anymore trouble after the whole Shane fiasco. Brooke sees her point and agrees. If Ridge finds the person responsible for bringing Andy into her life she will press charges. Felicia leaves when Bridgett drops by.

Bridget is surprised not only to see Felicia there but to learn Felicia knows the truth. The up side to it is, Bridgett feels it is healthy that Brooke start talking through the incident. Brooke doesn’t want to discuss the rape so they talk about the children. Brooke’s joy over being a mother brings Bridgett down reminding her of Nicole. Bridgett wonders if she will ever have a child of her own r even find love. Brooke tries to hive her hope by reminding Bridgett that even at Brooke’s age she can still conceive so anything is possible. Bridgett is just grateful for the loving support and attention Brooke is showering her with since the rape. Bridgett expresses her love for Brooke as a mother.

Ed is more than suspicious about Stephanie’s involvement. After all the whole country knows how she hates her former daughter-in-law. Stephanie having intimate knowledge of Brooke and where she would keep the key, not to mention motive is a no-brainer for Ed. Ridge just can’t bring himself to believe what Ed is suggesting. Hoping to find something to contradict the evidence and learn why Stephanie called Andy Ridge goes to his parents house but Stephanie isn’t there. Ridge searches for some kind of a clue but turns up nothing. Ridge can’t get Andy’s words out of his mind about Brooke being served up no a silver platter and you would never guess in a million years ….. When Eric finds him sitting alone in the study deep in thought Ridge decides to confide in Eric. Eric is upset with Ridge for missing Thorne’s wedding but proud of him for giving Brooke the children back. Eric can’t believe such a horrible thing happened to Brooke and wants to help in any way he can. Ridge fills Eric in on what they believe happened and how Andy found Brooke.

Fed up with Stephanie’s recent lies and manipulation concerning the Logans Eric doesn’t doubt for one second Stephanie spoon fed Andy information to get to Brooke. Ridge is still filled with doubt but the more they look at the facts the more it looks like Stephanie was Andy’s tipster.

Ridge goes home with the horrifying news. Brooke is in disbelief that Stephanie would go this far to hurt her. What will ridge do with this damning information. Has Stephanie gone too far? Will Ridge send his mother to jail and publicly hold her accountable for Brooke’s rape?

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