B&B Wednesday Update 9/12/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/12/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Ed hit a brick wall when they try to retrieve a call log from Andy’s phone but it is password protected. Desperate and still believing the key to discovering who was working with Andy is in that phone they call Andy’s personal secretary for help. Ms. Simpson comes to Café Russe right away but she isn’t so eager to help at first. Ridge and Ed speak with her about Andy and his personal and business contacts and associates. It is obvious there isn’t any love lost over his death so Ridge tries to pry. Ms. Simpson tells him that she is glad she will never have to see Andy again. He harassed her and was a disgusting pig when it came to women. She knows she was passed over for promotions because she wasn’t willing to work overtime. She goes on to explain that she was afraid of Andy and what he may do if she had stayed and worked late with him.

Ridge feels he can appeal to her sensitivity if he tells her what happened to Brooke. It works she sits down and gets into the call log for them then identifies all the numbers that are familiar to her or pertain to work. Ms. Simpson has been a great help in narrowing the list of unknown numbers. Ed reads off the remaining unidentified phone numbers and calls to Ridge who is cross-referencing them to a list of potential suspects. Suddenly one number is familiar. It’s Stephanie’s home phone. Ridge doesn’t understand why would his mother have called Andy three times in the days before Brooke’s rape and Andy’s death?

Felicia goes to Ridge’s house to see what Stephanie is up to but is surprised that she isn’t there, especially after finding Brooke is staying with Ridge.

Felicia tells Brooke about her talk with Katie and they talk about Stephanie’s obsession with the Logan family. Felicia makes her opinion known that she does believe it would be best for Ridge and Brooke to remain apart but all in all she really doesn’t care. Brooke disagrees she believes they were meant to be together as a family. Felicia tells Brooke how free Ridge was after returning from Australia and he seemed happy to be moving on with his life rather than living in the past. Felicia asks Brooke if she doesn’t want to move on with her own life. Brooke becomes a nervous wreck. Felicia notices the physical change in Brooke and asks her what is going on. Brooke tries to keep her secret but finally blurts out “I was raped!” when Felicia won’t let it go.

Felicia feels sorry for Brooke. Brooke explains what happened and who did it and how she and Ridge believe Andy had help stalking her. Felicia assures Brooke that Ridge won’t rest until he makes Andy’s accomplice pay for his part in the rape.

Eric and Ashley talk about the mysterious issue Brooke has going on and Ridge being there to help her. Eric warns this is how it always is with them. Ashley can’t help but take Eric’s beliefs that Brooke and Ridge may be on the brink of reuniting personally but she doesn’t show it. Eric can tell is warning is bothering Ashley maybe even hurting her so he apologizes. Ashley admits she has fallen in love with Ridge and is holding out hope that they will be together. All Eric wants for Ridge is happiness. If it is with Ashley he feels that it would be great for both of them and the family but he can’t ignore the strong history Brooke and Ridge have together.

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