B&B Tuesday Update 9/11/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/11/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie invites Katie over to her house so she may thank the youngest Logan in person for helping to put an end to Thorne and Donna’s wedding. Katie accepts and is fully expecting Stephanie to have an ulterior motive. Stephanie denies any such thing but her actions speak differently. Stephanie isn’t casual at all when she jumps from Donna to Brooke. Katie refuses to stay and listen to Stephanie bash her sisters. Stephanie does entice her to stay by seemingly not being so negative about Brooke and Donna but she does not back down from her point. Stephanie hopes to enlist Katie to help keep Brooke and Ridge apart the way she had Donna and Thorne. No deal. Katie agrees with Stephanie ,though for different reasons, that Brooke and Ridge probably shouldn’t get back together. But, the romantic side of Katie says differently. Brooke and Ridge have so much love, history, passion, and not to mention a child together. Katie doesn’t feel it would be entirely a bad thing if Ridge and Brooke did decide to make another go of their relationship.

Stephanie just can’t see past believing Brooke is using sex and the children to manipulate Ridge and bring him back under her spell. Katie wants to leave them alone and let Ridge make up his own mind. Stephanie tries to sell Ashley’s wonderful qualities to Katie. Katie doesn’t deny Ashley is a wonderful person and maybe the one for Ridge but it isn’t up to them to decide that.

Stephanie calls Ridge who has been avoiding her calls. When she gets him Stephanie is in for a shock. He hangs up on her as soon as she begins to belittle Brooke. Ridge has more pressing issues at hand. He is determined to bring Andy’s accomplice to justice. In the mean time Ridge has moved brooke and the children into his house. He promises he will not leave her side until she is safe and whoever is out to hurt her is locked up. Ridge and Brooke go over the many unanswered questions about who, how and why someone tipped Andy off and helped him attack Brooke so violently. Ridge suddenly remembers a very important detail. The night he went to Café Russe looking for Andy the bartender said he had left his cell phone the night before. When Andy arrived he never got a chance to pick up his phone so it may still be at Café Russe. Ridge rushes over to speak with the bartender and hopefully pick up the phone. He also has the private investigator meet him there.

They’re in luck! The bartender still has the phone locked up in the office. Unfortunately at the moment the charge is dead so they have to get a new battery. When they do replace or charge the battery Ridge has hopes that ,whoever was tipping Andy off and feeding him information about Brooke, their number will be in the call log of the phone.

Felicia is surprised to find Katie in the living room alone at her mother’s house. Katie tells Felicia why Stephanie called her over and that Stephanie ran out to find out if Brooke is trying to lure Ridge back to her. Katie tries to convince Felicia to join up with her to bring peace between the families. Felicia knows that it will never happen but is intrigued by the possibility of that happening. Katie feels that Stephanie’s obsession to keep the Logans out of her family has gotten out of hand and Stephanie is out of control.

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