B&B Monday Update 9/10/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/10/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Nick feels jilted that he wasn’t invited to Donna’s wedding but Taylor lifts his spirits with a surprise visit to the office. Nick decides to mend his hurt feelings by stirring up some passion with his wife. Unfortunately the passion doesn’t get too far when they are interrupted by an important business call. After the phone call Nick tries to work as he and Taylor discuss the wedding. Nick casually tells Taylor what Jackie told him about Donna only marrying Thorne to get revenge on Stephanie. Taylor becomes concerned and determined to warn Thorne. Nick doesn’t care one way or the other and gives her his blessing to go over to the house and talk to Thorne.

Katie’s words of warning dominate Thorne train of thought as Donna makes her way down the aisle and to his side. Thorne just can’t shake the notion that Donna would marry him without loving him. Felicia recites a reading about love. Thorne grows more and more uneasy with the idea of marrying Donna. Katie just glares at him through the entire ceremony reiterating that what she told him was the truth. Donna commits herself to Thorne and Aly through her vows but when it is Thorne’s turn he isn’t so full of hope and love. Thorne doesn’t reveal exactly what he knows and not believes but simply tells her he can’t marry her and leaves the alter. Donna rushes after him crying hysterically. They end up in the den. Thorne’s hurt feelings have not turned to anger. Donna is weeping begging him to go back out there and marry her. Donna’s first reaction is to blame Stephanie all the more reinforcing what Stephanie and Katie said about Donna’s intentions. Katie appears in the doorway as Thorne is assuring Donna it wasn’t Stephanie that turned him against her. Donna’s eyes full of tears turn to fury. Donna shows her true self when she turns on her sister. Katie is very sorry she hurt them both but she is nor sorry she told the truth. Thorne defends Katie when Donna lashes out in anger accusing Katie of being jealous. Katie has no reason to lie Thorne points out. He makes it crystal clear he is not going to marry Donna. Not today or ever.

Thorne’s anger subsides as he feels like a complete fool telling Katie how now he can see all the signs were there plain as day. Katie doesn’t bash Donna and even stands up for her a little bit. Katie’s concern is over Thorne’s broken heart and what he is feeling right now. Thorne tanks her for her support and coming forward with the truth.

Donna flails about in the guest house stripping her wedding gown off and throwing glasses around the room in a fit of anger. Donna has never showed fury like this before. Stephanie interrupts Donna’s fit of rage to gloat. Donna tries to strike Stephanie but she isn’t quick enough. Donna knows she has lost the battle today but promises there will be another battle soon. And when that time comes she will get her revenge on Stephanie. The mere idea makes Stephanie chuckle as she turns to leave.

The guests had lingered for a bit but only Jackie and Eric were left when it became clear there wasn’t going to be a wedding. Jackie is relieved but feels badly for Eric who seemed to be very happy about the union. Taylor rushes through the front door fearing she had arrived too late when she saw the empty room. Eric and Jackie tell her Thorne called off the wedding.

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