B&B Thursday Update 9/6/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/6/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie gets a little help in her quest to stop the wedding between Thorne and Donna. After hearing Stephanie out and then walking in on Donna confessing her true reasons for marrying Thorne. Katie confronts her older sister. Donna tries to dismiss what Katie heard as a mistake then a joke. Katie doesn’t buy either excuse. Katie asks again and again if Donna loves Thorne. Donna won’t admit to how she really feels for him but lists off all the things she likes and admires about him, and yes the plus is Stephanie has deal with it everyday. Katie tries to stop Donna from going through with a loveless marriage but Donna has worked hard and gotten this far she won’t turn back. The two sisters argue over Donna’s scruples. Donna turns vicious telling Katie to get over it and she will stand up for Donna because she is a Logan and the Logans stick together. Katie pout and leaves Donna to finished getting dressed. Jackie returns hoping Katie got through. Donna’s anger says Katie wasn’t so lucky.

After serious thought and soul searching Stephanie goes to Thorne with news. She has decided to support the marriage though she believes it will only bring him pain in the future. It is a mistake but it is his mistake to make. This is great news Thorne is so happy. Stephanie leaves to change but not before chiming in her opinion to the guests who are gossiping about Brooke and Ridge’s sudden departure together.

Stephanie feels Ridge made a mistake by giving the children back to Brooke and is being extremely selfish to go away the day of his brother’s wedding. Rick seconds Stephanie’s sentiment but not to the listening crowd. Rick’s expression of Ridge’s selfishness is told in private to Ashley who is longing for Ridge to be there with her. Rick tried the other night and is trying again to warn Ashley when the Ridge and Brooke express takes off you had better just get out of the way. Ashley thinks Rick is over reacting simply because he doesn’t like Ridge. Really? Rick points out that ridge is missing his brother’s wedding and brooke just suddenly forgave him for taking her children away. Sounds peculiar.

Katie goes to the den to speak with Thorne. She listens intently and begins to feel guilt for keeping the truth from him as Thorne talks gently and lovingly about Donna. They talk about marriage and commitment and how precious it is. Thorne admires Donna and believes she is a good hearted person. Katie breaks her silence when Thorne tells her he knows Donna only has good intentions.

Katie tells Thorne exactly what had just been discussed and that Stephanie was right all along. Thorne doesn’t want to believe it and tries to defend Donna and her motives but Katie has no reason to lie or turn on her sister. Katie explains how it breaks her heart to tell such a horrible thing but she believes in the sanctity of marriage too much. Katie offers Thorne a very reasonable deal. I have given you the truth. What you do with it is up to you. But, she confesses, she couldn’t let him marry Donna without knowing that Donna doesn’t love him.

Donna is still irate over Katie and Stephanie plotting to stop the marriage. Jackie chimes in that she believes maybe Donna should reconsider. Donna flies mad again, promising there will be wedding and she won’t tolerate any more negativity.

Donna’s temper cools when she admires herself in a stunningly sexy wedding gown. Donna feels she is back on track, gloating Stephanie will be sick when she sees me.

Now armed with the truth Thorne takes his place at the alter. His close family notices something is wrong, Thorne doesn’t look well. Katie walks down the aisle as maid of honor and takes her place giving Thorne the evil eye the whole time. Storm walks Donna down the aisle who can’t resist asking Storm is Stephanie is in the room and watching. When she gets a confirmation then she smiles like the blushing bride she is suppose to be. Donna takes her place by Thorne’s side but she isn’t greeted with the warm inviting look of love.

Will Thorne and Donna make it to the “I dos”, looks doubtful. If they do tie the knot how long will happiness loom? And let’s not forget baby Alley is upstairs recovering from some mysterious illness. Is she on the mend or will she go down hill. Unfortunately we won’t know any of this until next week because CBS daytime will be preempted tomorrow Friday 9/7. Check back Monday for all the gory details that will be taking place in the Forrester house.

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