B&B Wednesday Update 9/5/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/5/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Will today be the day wedding bells ring for Thorne and Donna? Not if Stephanie can help it. Donna has taken over the Forrester estate to prepare for the wedding ceremony just hours away. Stephanie is furious when she returns home to find her living room covered in wedding arrangements. Donna is giving instructions to the many workers in her white satin robe. Her hair already set for the wedding. Stephanie tells her to cancel because it isn’t going to happen but Eric pulls Stephanie off to the side to try and gain control of her rising temper. Stephanie tries to wrangle Eric into her belief that the marriage between Thorne and Donna is doomed from the start. Eric is happy for Thorne who has been in a dark place fore some time now and will not help her break up the wedding.

Katie arrived early to lend help and support to Donna. Donna asks Katie if she will be her maid of honor this of course after Brooke opted out to go to Big bear with Ridge and the kids and Stephanie laughed in her face. Katie accepts though she feels slighted. When Stephanie emerges from her pow wow with Eric and sees Katie she invites the youngest Logan sister into the den to speak. Stephanie is calm and rational making her case to enlist Katie’s help. Katie agrees with Stephanie to some degree but wants to be supportive for her sister.

Thorne is surprised by his bride-to-be when she pops in to the guest house for a little pre-ceremony smooching . Jackie arrives with her wedding dress and Thorne joins his family in the main house. Jackie immediately tries to talk Donna out of marrying Thorne. Now that Brooke has the children back Jackie feels it is just the wrong thing to do because Donna doesn’t love Thorne. Katie comes to the guest house to assist Donna but overhears a conversation that confirms Stephanie’s beliefs. Katie listens as Donna admits to a worried Jackie that no she doesn’t love Thorne but she loves the idea of him. But what she loves the most is that she can make Stephanie miserable for the rest of her life.

Katie steps out and reveals herself. “So what Stephanie said is true.” Jackie makes a quick exit leaving Donna to patch up that slip of the tongue. Katie orders Donna to be straight with her and tell her exactly what is going on.

Thorne waits for Donna to get ready and the ceremony to begin but receives news from Stephanie that she will not be attending the wedding. Thorne begs his mother to please be present but she tells him she can’t watch him make the biggest mistake of his life. Some more bad news is in store for Thorne. Not only will Ridge, Brooke and the kids not be in attendance neither will his daughter Alley. Bridget has checked Alley out and feels it is best for the youngster to stay in bed for the ceremony.

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