B&B Tuesday Update 9/4/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/4/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna models traditional wedding gowns for Jackie as they discuss Donna’s delight in marrying Thorne and moreover sticking it to Stephanie every time Stephanie has to see her at family functions. Jackie believes Donna should reconsider and not marry Thorne. Donna refuses and believes that she can make Thorne happy and she can be happy even with out love. Thorne interrupts with an urgent issue. Aly is sick and Thorne believes they should hold off on the wedding until she is feeling better. Donna acts as though she doesn’t want Thorne to see her in her wedding dress and makes him turn his head. Thorne tells Donna how he was up all night with Aly and she was sick. A look of fear and insecurity takes over Donna’s face. Nonsense she tells him, Aly will be fine and back to normal by tomorrow. Still Thorne doesn’t want to risk it plus with all that has been going on he feels it would be best if they wait a week or two.

Donna must combat Thorne’s hesitations with the only thing she has. Sex appeal. Donna drops her dress and is clad in a lacy bra and panty set and tells Thorne to turn around. Just like a cobra dancing out of a basket Thorne is mesmerized. Donna sways Thorne’s decision by acting disappointed that if they wait to wed they will have to wait to honeymoon. Thorne falls for it hook line and sinker, agreeing to go ahead as planned. Maybe it is Thorne that needs his kid taken from him?

Brooke and Ridge seem to be adjusting to their changes well. Ridge has become domesticated by preparing dinner and doing dishes. While Brooke settles in reading aloud to the children. All four are happy and enjoying the peaceful family façade. Hope is enjoying the family unity so much she asks if they can go to Big Bear. Ridge and Brooke find it amusing and though it is too late in the evening to set out for Big Bear Ridge thinks it is a great idea. Ridge thinks they should go as a family to Big bear first thing in the morning and have fun the way that they used to. Brooke agrees and is looking forward to it.

Ridge apologizes, again, for not supporting Brooke and promises never to make that mistake again. Brooke is curious about Ashley ,as she feels her and Ridge meshing together the way they once were before everything got so crazy. Ridge goes to tell Ashley what has been going on short of telling Ashley about the rape.

Katie doesn’t think it is a good idea that Brooke become vested in Ridge again but she sees Brooke is still and will always be in love with Ridge. Katie is worried if Brooke and Ridge go away that she will not be present for Donna’s wedding. Brooke has already taken care of that. She has spoken with Donna and her sister understands that Brooke needs to have fun with Ridge and the kids as a family. Brooke is setting her hopes high on securing what she and Ridge once had while away on this trip. In the past that has always had to be secured by sex, wasn’t Brooke just violently raped?

Rick returns to Ashley’s lab looking for Ridge or asking if she has knowledge of Ridge’s whereabouts. Yes, Ashley reports she knows where Ridge is. Ridge has given the children back to Brooke and he is probably still over there. Rick becomes upset for Ashley but she defends Rick’s accusations against Ridge. Ashley even defends him and tells Rick she thinks it is wonderful that he and Brooke are working together for the greater good of the children. Rick has news for Ashley. She has no idea what it is like with Ridge and Brooke, he grew up with it and it is a never-ending cycle. Ashley thinks Rick is over reacting but Rick tells her he has seen too many times how Ridge can love more than one woman at a time, and it is always his mother and then another woman. Ridge interrupts, asking to speak with Ashley in private.

Ashley is glad to see Ridge and asks how Brooke and the kids are. Good, Ridge is happy to report. Ridge begins to tell Ashley about his plans to go to Big bear and how he feels he must focus on Brooke and the kids for a little longer because they have all been through so much. Rick’s warning is all to fresh in Ashley’s mind and she begins to stammer out excuses and understanding statements about accepting that they are Ridge’s family and “Ridge and Brooke” are epic. Ridge is amused but brings an end to the ramblings by grabbing Ashley and kissing her. Ridge tells her he loves her and is with her.

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