B&B Friday Update 8/31/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/31/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Hope and RJ beg Stephanie to visit with their mother today. Stephanie doesn’t tell them no but she doesn’t say yes. Stephanie avoids the question by reminding them they need to go to tennis camp. Ashley and Abbey stop by so Abbey is quick to run off with the youngsters. Ashley is curious but not worried that she hasn’t heard from Ridge since he went to speak with Brooke after the concert. Stephanie gloats that she is sure Brooke was so angry with Ridge for filing the custody papers she wouldn’t even speak to him. Ashley doesn’t seemed so convinced that Brooke is just out of Ridge’s life just like that. Stephanie tells her not to worry, Ridge probably went back to the office to submerse himself in work after a not so pleasant chat with Brooke. “call him” Stephanie encourages of Ashley.

Meanwhile Ridge is serving Brooke breakfast in bed. She is happy and secure. Ridge is more determined to keep her safe from the world than he has ever been. Ridge leaves to pick up the kids and bring them home to Brooke, where they belong. Ashley calls as he is walking out the door. He is polite but short with her, stating I’ll touch base with you later.

When Ridge arrives at his parents home he finds Felicia shoveling the kids out to camp and he can avoid having to tell Stephanie in front of the kids.

Brooke has another pleasant surprise in store for her. Katie rings the bell. Brooke tells Katie that the kids are coming home any minute and Ridge will never try to keep her and the children apart again. Hope and RJ are ecstatic to see Brooke. They run into her arms and she promises to never be apart from them again.

Ridge is happy to see mother and children together once more. Now, he tells Brooke, his only focus is on finding out who “served her up on a silver platter” to Andy, mocking the dead man’s words. I guess if Andy’s accomplice is Ridge’s only focus the new launch at work and Ashley at home will find themselves left out in the cold. But I’m sure Brooke will keep Ridge warm in her home, heart, and bed, out of gratitude of course.

After learning that Hope and RJ had been returned to Brooke Stephanie is saddened but relatively calm. She sulks around . Another visit by Ashley is just what she needs. Stephanie promises Ashley that Ridge has finally seen that Brooke isn’t the woman for him and he will spend his life with Ashley. Who is Stephanie trying to convince, Ashley? Or herself? Stephanie reads the paper once she is alone again and is in for a real shock, no pun intended. She reads the article about Andy’s electrocution. She is speechless.

Nick waits impatiently for Storm to deliver some word, hopefully good news about the injunction to prevent the Forresters from using their name on their new label. Taylor overhears and is immediately not happy. She doesn’t think it is right or fair to take their name from them. Nick stands by his decision claiming business is business. No matter Taylor has come by the office for a very different reason. Taylor explains while wiggling between Nick and the desk, that every since she has been implanted with the embryo she has had the urge to do nothing but have sex. Nick likes the sound of that and puts his business and injunction on the back burner to give his wife what she wants.

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