B&B Thursday Update 8/30/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/30/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna gets a pleasant surprise when a knock at her door reveals little sister Katie. Katie intended on staying with Brooke but cannot get a hold of her. Donna explains Brooke is going through something right now. On a happier note Donna tells Katie all about her relationship with Thorne and the upcoming wedding. Katie is a little surprised that Donna would dare get involved with one of the Forrester boys after what Stephanie put Brooke through. Donna assures Katie Stephanie will come around, eventually. Katie begins to suspect Donna isn’t in love with Thorne more in love with the idea of being a thorn in Stephanie’s side. (no pun intended) Donna maintains she loves Thorne and Alley and she will be a good mother and wife, for the rest of her life.

Stephanie gets a moment to speak with Thorne alone without screaming or threats, when Thorne accidentally runs into her in Eric’s office. Thorne listens to what Stephanie is saying with honest concern but he believes and tries again to convince Stephanie he loves Donna. Very calmly Stephanie acknowledges that Thorne is lonely and has physical needs but he isn’t in love. She feels sorry for him because at one time he knew the difference between love and lust. Thorne doesn’t put up much of a fight. Is he maybe realizes this for himself? We can only hope.

Stephanie goes to Donna’s house confidant that her little talk with Thorne sunk in. Donna has gone to taste wedding cakes but Stephanie is greeted by Katie. Another Logan sister, Stephanie rolls her eyes but delivers the message she came to give Donna. There isn’t going to be a wedding. Katie manages to goat Stephanie without becoming hysterical as her sisters seem to do. Stephanie sees Katie could be the true sparring partner Donna or Brooke never could really be, claiming Katie was always the smartest of the bunch.

Rick handles Phoebe’s rejection well. He decides to immerse himself in work. On this particular night work takes him to the lab where Ashley is working while she waits for Ridge to finish up with Brooke. Rick is quick to let Ashley know the news. Ashley is genuinely sad for Rick and tells him how she rooting for him and Phoebe to make it. As Ashley talks about both their personal lives and then work. Seeing her lips move as she talks reminds him of Mexico. Rick daydreams about the times they held and kissed and much more with each other. Ashley has to signal him out of his lull. Rick hints that he regrets now letting Ashley go. Ashley has made it clear she is happy with Ridge and for the most part that is too bad for Rick. Let’s just hope she keeps thinking that. As for Rick I guess he just never learns although we have heard him say time and time again he would never make the same mistake twice. Last time he and Ashley ran off to Mexico wasn’t he and Phoebe broke up for at least a day…… this time it’s been what an hour. And we all know Phoebe is fickle when it comes to her heart.

Brooke and Bridget try to figure out just how Andy could have known so much about her and what was going on in her life. Bridget thinks it is best that Brooke put it behind her and let Ridge and the police worry about Andy but she just can’t let go of wondering.

Andy moves closer with the electric rod to threaten and scare Ridge. Ridge is concerned but more determined to bring Andy to justice for Brooke and find out who helped him attack Brooke. Andy can see that it is killing Ridge that he doesn’t know who his accomplish was. Ridge asks over and over “I want to know NOW!” Andy is enjoying making Ridge squirm, dodge and beg, just like he did with Brooke. Andy finally decides it will be worth telling Ridge who led him straight to Brooke’s open door and bed just to see the look on his face. Andy’s lips are on the brink of revealing the name of his accomplish when a security guard barges out of the stairwell leading to the roof. A flock of pigeons resting on the ledge are frightened by the intrusion and swarm around Andy causing him to lose his balance and stumble into a transformer box. Ridge watches in horror as Andy is electrocuted.

Brooke is composed and doing well considering when Ridge returns to her house after being questioned by Lt. Baker. The security guard that came to Ridge’s rescue confirmed that it was a horrible accident. Ridge tells Brooke all of the details and that Andy is no longer a threat to her. Brooke is ready to move past the whole incident while Ridge feels someone still wants to bring harm to Brooke and they are free. Ridge holds Brooke feeling enormous guilt for not being there when she needed him most and for turning against her when she was at her most vulnerable. Ridge tells how much he cares for her and always will no matter what. And he makes her promise whatever kind of trouble she is ever in, in the future she will come to him and let him help her though it. Brooke promises. Ridge in turn promises to always be there for her and they will work out anything together as they always have. The deal is sealed with a slight kiss on the lips.

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