B&B Wednesday Update 8/29/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/29/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Suzanne

Eric exhibits his new designs but Stephanie is worried he is showing too much skin. Non sense Eric tells her proud of his work, skin sells. Stephanie doesn’t pass up the opportunity to slander those who use skin, sex, and their bodies to get what they want. Referring to Brooke and Donna specifically. Stephanie is feeling the pressure of having everything perfect for the upcoming showing to make the launch of the new label a success. Stephanie resents that Nick and Jackie are trying to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry using their name and their reputation they worked hard for. No matter, word of Clark’s disastrous designs is spreading like a California wildfire. Just in time for Stephanie to make her point the meeting is interrupted by Donna. Donna defends Stephanie’s accusations that they have poor designs. Donna hasn’t come to talk business though she has every confidence in what is happening in the design room at Forrester Creations, she has a sample invitation for her wedding. It is to take place at the Forrester house. Stephanie has a good laugh and shoves the invitation back in Donna’s face, “No! Not at my house” Donna starts to cry winning over Thorne and Eric. Thorne isn’t very vocal about his wishes to marry in the family home, instead he acts as though he would rather marry else where. He suggests the country club hoping to keep the feuding mother and wife-to-be from fighting further but Donna insists on the house. Stephanie just stares at Donna who is putting on quite a spectacle claiming she wants a small intimate wedding just the family. Stephanie knows what Donna is up to and says so not sparing Donna, Thorne, or Eric’s feelings. Eric thinks it is a wonderful idea and reminds Stephanie it is his house too. Eric insists if she wants to get married at their house then they will. But the date is missing, Eric notices and asks why. Donna innocently confesses they haven’t set a date yet. Thorne decides the wedding will be held next week. Settled! Eric is pleased to announce to no one really ,that Thorne and Donna will get married next week at the house. Stephanie is practically foaming at the mouth.

Nick, Jackie, and Storm struggle to come up with a way to beat the Forresters other than with dynamic designs. As Jackie complains the Forrester name is the talk of the town and it isn’t Forrester with Creations after it Nick gets a brilliant idea, so he thinks. Nick decides to revisit the idea of suing them for using the Forrester name on their new label. Storm admits that they do have a copyright infringement case if they chose to peruse it. Nick feels he is owed the name and everything that goes with it. Claiming “I paid good money for that name.“

Brooke calls Nick; she seems composed and doing better than when he last saw her. Though he is worried about business he tells her everything is fine and she is wanted back at work only when she is ready. The threesome toy with the idea some more when it looks like Brooke won’t be returning in time to produce any new designs. But the decision is made final after Eric calls Nick’s office. Eric offers to buy Forrester Creations back from Nick to save him embarrassment. Nick refuses. Fine. Eric is okay with mopping the floor on the runway with Nick. Let the customers decide which Forrester designs they will be wearing. Nick gives Storm the go-ahead to file for an injunction to prevent the Forresters from using their name in their new label and launch.

Bridget returns home to find a new and improved Brooke. After talking with Ridge Brooke is determined to make Andy Johnson pay for what he did to her. She is going to press charges. Brooke is reenergized and vows to never be a victim again. Brooke is going to tell her story to as many people as she has to make sure she destroys Andy the way he tried to destroy her. Just thinking of what Andy did to her Brooke falls to her knees with the caged bird in her hands. She crashes it against the floor over and over until it is broken into tiny pieces. Bridget is glad to hear of Brooke’s change of heart and believes reporting Andy to the police is the right thing to do for herself and for other victims to come. Bridget promises to be there and support Brooke no matter what happens.

After Andy makes eye contact with Ridge at the restaurant, he turns and runs. Ridge takes pursuit across the dining room of Café Ruse. Andy runs to the roof of Café Ruse. Ridge follows. When they both reach the roof Andy has no where to go and thinks he can bully Ridge the way he bullied Brooke. Any holds Ridge at bay with an electric rod. They both threaten each other physically and with legal ramifications. Andy brags about raping Brooke and makes several comments referring to “she was served up on a silver platter“. Ridge cannot believe Andy so nonchalantly admits to having his way with Brooke. What disgusts Ridge and enrages him is Andy’s insistence that she loved it and he gave her what she wanted all night long. Ridge lunges in anger at the smug rapist. Andy dodges Ridge and grabs an electric rod. Waving it violently causing electric sparks and currents when he touches the metal railings Andy manages to keep Ridge at bay with the rod. Multiple times Andy makes reference to having an inside source that helped him and advised him about how ripe for the picking Brooke was and her lust and need for men. Andy doesn’t reveal his source.

Ridge knows he can’t fight Andy physically as long as he is armed with the volts of electricity so he is satisfied to call the police. Andy stops him with an ominous warning. “If you do you could be in for a real shock.”

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