B&B Tuesday Update 8/28/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/28/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Brooke’s confession of what kept her from the hearing and has left her barely able to cope brings Ridge to tears. Ridge is determined to be her confidant and protector. Ridge wants justice for his ex-wife. Brooke calmly tells of what led up to the events of the rape and the threats that followed. Ridge listens horrified by the trauma Brooke has been through. Brooke lays all blame on Ridge and Stephanie because she could not come forward out of fear of losing the children for good. Brooke is completely open about Andy’s threats and she believed them to be true. Ridge makes Brooke three promises. One he will help her and protect her. Together they will get through this. Two she will not lose her kids no matter what Stephanie does or says. The ultimate decision is up to him and he will not let that happen. And three Ridge will get justice for Brooke. Is romance looming once again on the horizon for Logan and Ridge?

After making sure Brooke will be okay if left alone Ridge goes to Café Ruse in search of Andy. Ridge has the newspaper and asks the bartender about the guy. Ridge learns he is there almost every night and will certainly be in tonight. Andy has already called to confirm because he left his cell phone the night before. Ridge waits. When Andy walks in Ridge glares at him. They make eye contact. Does Andy know that Ridge knows he raped Brooke? Dos Andy even realize it wasn’t fun and games and what he did was indeed rape? Will Ridge confront him physically or just with threats of going to the police? Ridge has a different angle with the kids now and Andy’s threats of claiming Brooke invited him over won’t hold a drop of water where Ridge is concerned. And just wait until Stephanie finds out what happened. Will she feel guilt and remorse and see she brought that monster into Brooke’s life and put Brooke in danger. Or will she continue with her smug holier than thou attitude and let Brooke squirm fearing child protective services at her door any minute?

While Ridge is doing exactly what Stephanie doesn’t want him to do, befriend and defend Brooke she and Eric are burning the midnight oil to out design Nick at Forrester Creations. Stephanie and Eric hate how Nick slanders their name and their hard work. They are determined to set the precedent as they always have in fashion and make Nick out to be the fool he is in the fashion industry. Eric’s designs are knockouts in Ashley and Stephanie’s opinion. Eric is pretty proud of them himself, but he has his worries. Eric isn’t looking forward to going up against Brooke in business. Little does he know Brooke hasn’t been at work no less designing. Stephanie is pleased to report word on the street is Brooke has been AWOL.

Eric scolds Stephanie for slipping up with Brooke and telling her about the full custody suit. Ashley chimes in after reading the article attached to the photo of Brooke and Andy. Stephanie slips and calls Andy by his full name, Andy Johnson. Ashley asks out of curiosity how Stephanie knew the guys name. It wasn’t mentioned in the article. Stephanie makes a quick convincing cover claiming people have been calling all day for a comment and someone told her the gent’s name.

Nick hate Clark’s designs calling them dated. Clark goes on the defense claiming he has had no help from the so called head designer. Jackie jumps to Brooke’s defense pointing out that she is definitely going through something more than just missing her kids. Nick agrees but business is business. Nick is regretting hiring Brooke as head designer and dismisses her latest drama as “she’ll get through it. She always does.” Is this an idea and opinion Nick will later regret?

Nick is finally seeing the big picture. He cannot compete with the Forresters when it comes to design. Forrester Creations needs something new, something that will sock Forrester Originals right where it hurts. Can Nick be diddling with the idea of some underhanded business maneuvering much like the former Forrester rival Spectra? Maybe ridge will be so disgusted by Stephanie when he learns of her role in Brooke’s rape that he will turn to the enemy camp and design for Nick.

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