B&B Monday Update 8/27/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/27/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

The winner is CONSTANTINE AND PHOEBE!!! Rick concedes his loss as a gentleman; hanging his head and exits the stage without incident. Phoebe and Constantine put on a good show just as promised but Phoebe has finally realized what Rick has been trying so desperately to tell her. She still loves him. As Phoebe and Constantine take their bow and wave to the applauding audience, she can see Rick moping back stage. Phoebe suddenly out of the blue begins to sing their song. Rick takes notice and his cue. He joins her on stage where through the words of their song, the love they had is rekindled. Eye to eye at the end of the song, Phoebe admits that she does love him.

Happy in love, Rick and Phoebe run from adoring fans and hide out at Bridget’s house. They light candles and the fireplace and sit on the couch kissing in between promising that things have changed and it will only get better from here. When their kissing becomes pretty heated, Rick pulls away. He can’t go any further because he wants to make love to her. Phoebe doesn’t say anything but pulls him on top of her and kisses him some more. Will they or won’t they?

Stephanie is on the verge of telling Thorne and Eric of the full custody suit. But Donna breaks the news after screaming “STEPHANIE!” from outside the front door and barging in. She is hot, and I don’t mean in the sense Paris Hilton says it. “How dare you….” Donna begins then changes her tune when her real hate for Stephanie is showing a little too much. Donna puts on a convincing act, to Eric and Thorne, that all she wants is peace between the two families at last. So much so she wants Stephanie to stand up for her at the wedding. NO! Not only is Stephanie not going to stand up for Donna, she still doesn’t believe there will be a wedding. Simply put, Donna just isn’t in love with Thorne and is only pretending to be to goat Stephanie. And she adds there will never be peace between the families. Stephanie defends her belief that the children are safer with Ridge. I guess Stephanie forgot Ridge just disposed of a body just a couple of months ago.

Ridge is having a time himself trying to reason with Brooke who is so emotionally raw right now there isn’t reason in anything. Ridge keeps a level head and is willing to work with her and make the best out of the situation. He tells his ex-wife how he really was looking forward to the hearing because the kids would be happy, but Brooke’s erratic, unstable behavior has made that impossible. Brooke blames Stephanie at first but then realizes, Stephanie couldn’t have done this without Ridge going along.

Ridge can sense there is more to Brooke’s story and the mystery man but she won’t open up and tell him. Ridge pleads with her but Brooke gets upset pulling away and becoming irrational and screaming at him. Brooke accuses Ridge and all men of being untrustworthy because they take and do what they want. The comment was very out of character for Brooke. Ridge tries to comfort and calm her but she physically flails about when he reaches out for her. Ridge is forced to grab her from behind and hold her in a bear hug restraining her from hurting him or herself. Calmly Ridge asks for her to please tell him what is going on. Please he asks over and over his voice soothing. Brooke breaks down and cries. “I wa, wa, was ra, raped.” Ridge can’t believe what he just heard. He is silent at the shocking news.

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