B&B Friday Update 8/24/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/24/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Today’s B&B update will be a great deal shorter than usual due to the Boldface Challenge Concert that took up most of the show. What did happen in accordance to the storyline was Brooke and Stephanie’s argument continued in Brooke’s bedroom. Stephanie fires away insult after insult at Brooke who keeps her back to Stephanie and whimpers quietly taking all that Stephanie has to dish out. Finally, after Stephanie makes the comment “I hope it was the best sex you’ve ever had” visions of the attack flood Brooke’s memory. She screams out at Stephanie, violently, “Shut up! Shut up! You don’t know what happened!” Stephanie is face to face with her and can see something deep in Brooke’s eyes. Stephanie backs off of the sexual accusations but doesn’t hesitate giving Brooke the signed papers by Ridge. Brooke is in complete and utter shock. She never thought Ridge would turn against her when it comes to the children. Stephanie is happy to point out that he did and the proof is on the back page where he signed. Brooke exclaims that she won't let Stephanie take her children away from her.

Ridge regrets not having the time to make it by Brooke’s before the concert but puts it out of his mind to enjoy the show.

The cast of B&B file into the auditorium for the concert. Introduced by Constantine as a small-town boy from Indiana, Jon McLaughlin takes the stage first for a solo, "Beautiful Disaster," followed by Elliot Yamin who sings "Wait for You," then Constantine who performs "Fading into You." After the solo performances by each artist, Constantine, Phoebe, and Rick take the stage together to announce the winner of the Boldface Challenge duet.

And the winner is………..

You won’t find out today but you will have to check back Monday to find out who won: Rick and Phoebe or Constantine and Phoebe!

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