B&B Thursday Update 8/23/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/23/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Joe, Stephanie’s child custody lawyer she hired, has made contact with Deacon. (Hope’s biological father) Deacon has agreed to sign a waiver of parental rights that will enable ridge to sue for full permanent custody for Hope and RJ. This is great news for Stephanie who is practically holding ridge’s hand to sign but Ridge doesn’t feel comfortable signing without speaking to Brooke first. He attempts to call her at home but Bridget takes the call. Bridget will not put Brooke on the phone and will not give an explanation why brooked can’t speak. This irritates Ridge and he asks “Why? Too much late night partying with her new friend?” glaring at the newspaper photo pf brooked and Andy. Bridget doesn’t acknowledge the cruel comment and gets off the phone as politely as possible. Ridge agrees to go ahead and sign the papers but asks Joe not to file them until Ridge gives the green light.

Ridge just doesn’t feel right about taking the kids from Brooke but he doesn’t feel Brooke is giving him any other option. Ashley concurs the children do belong with Brooke but if she is a danger then the best place for them is with Ridge. Ridge decides he cannot wait around any longer for Brooke to return his countless calls, he’s going over to her house to speak face to face.

Ridge isn’t the only one paying brooked a visit. First it was Nick. Bridget tries to get rid of him at the door but Nick bolts up the stairs and very aggressively demands to know what is wrong with Brooke and why the hearing was postponed. Bridget tries to make excuses for Brooke who only stands and whimpers. Nick refuses to leave until he gets answers because he knows there is something more going on. Seeing that his hard core approach isn’t working Nick takes brooked and looks her in the eyes “Tell me, you know you can tells me anything.” Brooke just cries and finally manages to ask for a couple of days to get herself together without any extra pressures or questions. Nick sees what ever is going on with Brooke is serious, more serious than he has ever seen before. He quietly agrees to give her the space and time that she needs and leaves with his tail between his legs.

Bridget calms brooked after Nick’s alarming visit and is going to leave her for Rick’s concert but only for a bit. Bridget slips out the front door setting the alarm as she goes. Stephanie is taking an investigative look around and goes unnoticed in the living room. Stephanie makes her way to Brooke’s bedroom where she immediately lashes out at Brooke believing and accusing her of whoring around and seducing men the night before. That is why the children were taken. Brooke is barely able to keep herself together when Stephanie shoves the picture of Brooke and Andy at café Ruse in her face. Brooke wants to keep her distance and becomes consumed inside herself trying to block the memories as Stephanie fans the flames on Brooke’s inferno of an emotional state. “You did it. You just couldn’t resist. The stupid, stupid fling cost you your children and you have no one to blame except yourself.”

The concert hall is a buzz with action as last minute preparations are being made for the huge Boldface challenge concert. Everyone is curious to find out who the final votes reveal to be the winner. Felicia is by Constantine’s side as a devoted fan and girlfriend. Constantine is proud to have her on his arm, but even more proud to present her with the donation check from the proceeds.

Ashley has decided to pick up Rick’s fight for Phoebe for him. Phoebe doesn’t want to talk to “the other woman” but Ashley speaks what is on her mind anyway. Ashley asks Phoebe to forgive Rick and get back together with him because Ashley was all wrong about her assessment of Rick and phoebe’s relationship. Ashley has seen the heartbreak and torture Rick is going through all because he regrets losing Phoebe. Ashley predicts if Phoebe doesn’t give Rick another chance she will regret it someday.

Rick slips into phoebe’s dressing room before the concert to tell her AGAIN that if the world can see them on stage together they and she can see how much he loves her and is devoted to her and only her. Phoebe, as always when Rick gives her the same line that is really growing old, tears up and turns away from him.

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