B&B Wednesday Update 8/22/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/22/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

“I didn’t want you to know. I didn’t want anyone to know.” Brooke tells Bridget in shame. Bridget listens in horror as Brooke relays the events that led up to her rape. Bridget is shocked that Brooke didn’t call the police. Brooke gets worked up in fear that Bridget will phone the cops and it will cost her Hope and RJ. Bridget promises not to call the police although she thinks they should. Bridget moves into protectorate mode wanting to take all the medical precautions necessary to help Brooke heal physically and possibly evidence in case Brooke does decide to report the attack. Bridget draws blood, provides a morning after pill, and gives Brooke a notebook to record every detail possible for future use. Bridget settles Brooke into bed after she has exhausted herself by consuming her mind with worry and wonder over ever getting Hope and RJ back. Bridget tries to assure Brooke that everything will turn out okay in the end but until that time comes Brooke always has Bridget.

Donna decides she is going to try a new tactic to goat Stephanie. Kindness. Donna plans to shower Stephanie with unwanted attention and wedding plans. Stephanie is too preoccupied by the details of why the custody hearing was postponed to play Donna’s game with her. Stephanie had just found out from the child custody lawyer that Dorothy’s assessment claimed Brooke was distressed and unable to focus. Thorne wanted to speak to Stephanie and Ridge about going after Brooke and accepting Donna as his wife. Ridge had no problem with the latter but updates Thorne on Brooke’s questionable behavior and his doubts that she is in the right frame of mind to care for and keep the children safe. Thorne accuses ridge of being manipulated by Stephanie.

After having a quick go around with Donna (and the conversation did not go in Donna’s favor as planned) Stephanie barges in. she has one warning for both of her son’s. To Ridge, the children are better off with him, Brooke is growing more erratic everyday. To Thorne if he knows what’s best he won’t marry that whore and he will think twice about interfering in something he knows nothing about. Stephanie has had it with both of her sons. Her message is short, sweet and to the point.

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