B&B Tuesday Update 8/21/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/21/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

The morning after her rape finds Brooke sitting defensive on her couch with all of the doors barricaded shut. Brooke can’t get the images of the attack out of her mind. The security company that Brooke has hired arrives to do the upgrades on the alarm system and change the locks. While Brooke is working with Everett the security guard Dorothy makes another surprise visit. Brooke is upset that Dorothy keeps popping in on her and makes her feelings clear, which does not help her case. Brooke notices a dark haired gentleman standing on her stoop that favors Andy. Brooke begins to become more unstable and nervous. Dorothy explains the young man’s name is John and he is a trainee. Dorothy gets back to the reason she came by. After last night she wasn’t so sure that Brooke was ready to the kids in her home again because something was just not right. Brooke begins to yell accusations at her about how unfair they are being. John reaches out to touch her gently and Brooke loses all control. She frantically screams and pulls away from John “get your hands off of me!” John feels horrible for upsetting her so and exits. Dorothy sees Brooke is not in control and is not a safe stable person for the kids to be around. She decides to postpone the hearing. The news is devastating for Brooke.

Stephanie is doing all she can to make sure the hearing goes the way she wants it o. Stephanie has hired a child custody attorney whom she has waiting for ridge when he arrives. Ridge is opposed to fighting for custody but Stephanie breaks him down quickly by showing him a photo on the front page of the paper of Brooke and Andy at Café Ruse. Still, Ridge believes that Brooke is a good mother but the photo does get him thinking. Ridge agrees to ask the attorney a few questions about his rights as a father. While Ridge is getting information from the attorney Stephanie gets the call from Dorothy informing them that the hearing has been postponed indefinitely. Stephanie perks right up, happy to hear the news and asks why. Dorothy is hesitant and tells Stephanie she cannot divulge that information. Stephanie takes that to mean one thing. Brooke screwed up! The news that Dorothy found something that would make her change her mind about sending the kids back into Brooke’s house makes ridge reconsider fighting for the children.

Storm calls Donna and Jackie to give them the news about the hearing. Donna instantly blames Stephanie for having a hand in whatever happened to cause the delay. Thorne follows after Donna and her ideas just like a lost puppy. To keep Thorne from defending Stephanie Donna seduces him in Nick’s office. She starts by taking his shirt off and writing “Mine” and “Donna’s” on his bare chest with marker then goes to his back drawing a huge circle with a slash through it and “Stephanie” written in the middle. As Thorne lays her on the desk undressing her he gets caught up in the passion and announces he wants to marry her this afternoon.

Bridget arrives to pick Brooke up for the courthouse. After Brooke tells Bridget that the hearing had been delayed Bridget can tell there is more wrong. Bridget asks and notices the bruises on Brooke. Brooke lies claiming to have fallen in the shower but Bridget knows better. Bridget insists on asking and trying to get to the root of what has Brooke so upset. Brooke goes into a corner and keeps telling herself over and over “I can forget this” Bridget knows.

“Mom, were you raped?” she asks with caution.

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