B&B Monday Update 8/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/20/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

It has been twenty years in the making but Brooke has finally come face to face with rape. Andy violently rapes Brooke on the floor in her living room. Her fear of him as she pulls away turns him on even more and he wants to rape her again. Brooke is running on mere survival instinct as Andy makes himself at home pouring another drink and acting as if they had just had consensual sex. Andy even makes the comment that they “had the hottest sex of their lives” . Brooke just stammers in panic and in tears trying to avoid being touched or grabbed by Andy. Keeping her distance and screaming at him to get out Andy pulls out the emotional big guns when she glances at the phone considering calling 9-1-1. Andy smirks and reveals that he had researched her past and her current extensively and no one would believe her if she cried rape. Brooke can’t believe he actually planned the vicious attack.

Andy does have her in a situation that demands she keep quiet about the rape or lose her children. He spells it out for her exactly what will be said and most like believed in court about her as a woman, mother, and “what was the word the old woman used? SEX ADDICT!”

A second attempt to rape Brooke is interrupted when Dorothy knocks at the door for an impromptu last minute check. Before allowing Brooke to answer the door Andy reminds her, you speak you lose your kids. Andy hides at the top of the stairs. Andy makes Brooke cover herself with an overcoat before opening the door. Dorothy can immediately tell Brooke is disheveled and distracted by something. Brooke quietly denies any thing is abnormal. Brooke claims she is just flustered because she can not find her car keys to go visit her sister. Pretending to look for her keys, Brooke grabs a letter opener and stashes it in her pocket until Dorothy is gone. While Brooke was pretending to look for her keys Dorothy lets herself in and notices two glasses on the table. Dorothy tries to pry what is bothering Brooke from her but Brooke doesn’t say a word As Dorothy attempts to get to the bottom of what is distressing Brooke she reiterates that she must know if something is wrong or could be unsafe for the children. Dorothy’s attempt at helping Brooke only makes her clam up even more. Andy watches and smiles proud of the terror he has invoked in Brooke. Dorothy agrees to leave but isn’t convinced that all is okay.

Andy returns telling Brooke that he is turned on by how she defended him. When Andy reaches for her again to rape her in the kitchen this time Brooke stabs him with the letter opener. “GET OUT ! GET OUT LEAVE ME ALONE!“ she barks in fear and finally control of the situation but not herself. Without thought running on mere survival and fear Brook continues to stab at him chasing him from her house.

With Andy gone Brooke barricades the door after she locks it and runs upstairs to deal with her trauma. Survival has turned to panic now and Brooke breaks down, throwing the bloodied letter opener in the sink and scrubbing feverishly in the shower .

Eric listens as Stephanie seems to be pulling the puppet strings concerning Dorothy. He gets angry with her accusing Stephanie of wanting the children for herself. Stephanie claims she is only doing what is best for Ridge and the children. Stephanie gives Eric a brief history recap of Brooke’s long line of neglect when raising Rick and Bridget. Their fight is cut short by Dorothy.

Dorothy has stopped by because she is concerned when things didn’t seem quite right at Brooke’s. Stephanie is smug believing she predicted correctly but a little surprised by what Dorothy thinks is the problem. She asks if Brooke has a history of drinking. Stephanie and Eric both assure her Brooke doesn’t drink very much. But Stephanie adds, anyone of her boyfriends could drink excessively. Against Eric’s advice and request Stephanie continues to encourage Dorothy to pursue her investigation of Brooke. Stephanie knows Dorothy senses something is wrong and asks her to pop in on Brooke in the morning and see how things look. Dorothy can’t shake the feeling that something really wrong was going on at Brooke’s.

Nick struggles with a worry for Brooke though he can’t put his finger on why. Taylor tells him to go check on her but when he leaves to go Taylor makes a comment about déjà vu . Nick turns for clarification. Taylor sees once again she has a husband that is leaving her to rescue Brooke. Taylor instantly feels bad because she blames her self for Brooke being in a vulnerable needy position right now. Nick stays to talk through Taylor’s feelings about the entire situation after she tells him she began to be haunted by the idea of the donor mother returning to claim their baby. Taylor understands that Brooke is living Taylor’s worst nightmare, someone taking her child. Nick and Taylor age no matter what takes place Taylor will not go anywhere near a courtroom in the future.

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