B&B Friday Update 8/17/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/17/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Felicia bounces through the front door happy and swept off her feet by Constantine. Stephanie is glad to see her and wants details. Felicia is full of smiles as she tells her mother how Constantine is winning her over by making the donation the cancer research clinic. What? Stephanie is confused. She wants to hear about Brooke’s date not Felicia’s. Felicia is hurt but not surprised and simply tells Stephanie Brooke left alone. That’s all there is to tell. This disturbs Stephanie so she calls Andy to root him on. Felicia isn’t ready to let her evening with Constantine end just yet so she goes to his loft. Felicia listens as he is in the studio singing a song. When he notices her he’s glad to see her. She tells him she just wanted to tell and show him in person how she has changed her opinion of him. Really how? Felicia leans in for a more intimate kiss than the one they shared at Café Ruse.

Across town phoebe is still struggling with her feelings for Rick and about singing with him next week if they win. Phoebe wants to stop rehearsing because she just cannot sing what she doesn’t feel. Rick begs her to give him another chance. Phoebe explains she can’t because she doesn’t trust him, they will never be what they were before. Logically Rick can accept that but asks her to start over, start fresh from today and rebuild a relationship it doesn’t have to be the same but it can be better. Before they can work on healing the past and building the future she has got to decide to give the chance.

Brooke is frightened and very uncomfortable to find Andy in her house. Andy makes himself at home and begins to make odd comments. Threatening comments referring to sex in an off-handed way. Brooke asks him to leave many times but he doesn’t making excuse after excuse. Brooke moves to keep distance between them and Andy moves to close the distance.. Finally he does leave when she opens the door wide “Please, leave.” she says firmly. Andy waits insulted on her stoop until he remembers Stephanie claiming Brooke keeps her door key under the flower pot.

After locking everything up nice and tight Brooke returns upstairs to prepare for bed. Sitting at her vanity putting on lotion Andy grabs her from behind. She struggles and tries to scream for help. Her only defense is kicking him in the groin. Brooke runs down stairs to leave the house but Andy catches her. Tearing at her he rips the robe off her back. Andy blocks the front door so she runs for the back door. Andy grabs her again and wrestles her to the ground at the base of the stairwell. Brooke is screaming and fighting but he is too powerful. Andy slaps her multiple times to calm her or get her under control and climbs on top of her while pinning her arms and legs down. He has one thing to say to her “You’re not going anywhere.”

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