B&B Thursday Update 8/16/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/16/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie’s plan is working out great! Andy joins Brooke at her table ordering them a bottle of wine after he piques her curiosity stating he knows a thing or two about family law. Andy continuously places a hand gently on Brooke’s hand despite she keeps pulling away. The first time a reporter catches a snapshot of the appearing intimate moment, the second time Felicia Forrester sees the mystery man holding Brooke’s hand and drinking wine with her.

Felicia has been invited out to dinner by Constantine as she hurries out of the house she couldn’t help but notice and bring up to Stephanie that she saw Dorothy at the house earlier. Stephanie tells Felicia of the decision Dorothy has made and of her opposition to it. Felicia believes if Ridge is okay with it Stephanie should let the entire issue go. Stephanie hammers on trying to convince Felicia that the children are better off with Ridge rather than their whore mother that will constantly have a parade of men in and out of her house. Felicia thinks Stephanie is being over dramatic to get what she wants. Felicia is quick to admit when she is wrong. Upon seeing Brooke and Andy at café Ruse she phones Stephanie who is in a an unwanted argument with Nick. Stephanie is pleased yet not surprised to hear the report of Brooke’s floundering ways on the eve of getting her children back.

Nick has dropped in on Stephanie to demand her to leave Taylor out of any plan she is hatching and for her to leave Brooke alone. Stephanie does not take Nick serious as usual and turns the debate back on his loyalties to Taylor, the baby and Brooke. Nick vows to always be there to protect Brooke as long as the Forresters’ are there to attack. Stephanie receives word of Brooke’s dinner company in the midst of the argument and battles Nick wit for wit with a smile on her face before kicking him out. Before leaving Nick predicts, “If there is danger in Brooke’s house I know you put it there” Stephanie chuckles “Wasn’t it your cigarette lighter?” And slams the door behind him.

Andy tries too hard to pry and get close to Brooke making her feel uncomfortable. Finally she gets her take out and leaves.

Before Felicia arrived for her dinner date with Constantine Phoebe tracked him down to discuss the Boldface challenge. She still has concerns about the possibility of having to sing with Rick. Constantine tries to be understanding but is anxious to get rid of her before her aunt arrives and sick of dealing with the subject. He tells her to just pretend she is an entertainer and sometimes you just have to act. Phoebe goes to Bridget’s house to tell Rick she can’t rehearse with him because she doesn’t feel they will win and she doesn’t want to rehearse with him. Rick holds up a note “Lost Voice!” Phoebe freaks out and rushes over to him out of concern and panic. Rick grabs her by the face and kisses her. Phoebe is upset with him but more that he had a good laugh over scaring her rather than the kiss. She does ask him why he kissed her and he answers because I miss kissing you. Rick gets serious and tells her he knows she felt what he did, the spark they once shared. Rick tells her that he hopes they do win and they do get to sing in front of the whole world so they can fall in love with her the way he has. And he is holding out hope that she will remember what it was they once had and fall in love with him again.

Constantine has asked Felicia to dinner for two reasons. The first being, he wanted to tell her in person how much he admires what she has been through in her life, specifically battling cancer. He has decided the proceeds from the Boldface Challenge will be donated to the research hospital that cured Felicia’s cancer. The second reason for the dinner was he wanted her to get to know him, to see he wasn’t a bad guy with ulterior motives like she suspected the first they met. Felicia is impressed by his charm and honesty. When he asks if she is starting to see him differently she leans in for a kiss to show her approval.

Brooke arrives home alone. Andy has followed her and buzzes the main house from the guard shack. Brooke is irritated by the seemingly invasion of privacy and audacity to follow her. Andy is persistent to come up to the house claiming to have an article his sister wrote about child custody cases. Brooke refuses to let him up and insists he leave the article in the mailbox.

Later Brooke comes downstairs dressed for bed to shut off the lights and set the alarm. After the alarm is set the caged bird whistles. She finds this odd but reaches for it and turns it off. As soon as she sets it down, she hears another whistle. Turning she sees Andy emerge from the shadows in her living room. Scared and surprised, all she can say is “ANDY?!”

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