B&B Wednesday Update 8/15/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/15/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Ashley begin to see the separation between mother and children is taking its toll on Hope and RJ. Both children make it known that the fun is over and they miss their mother. Seeing the kids unhappiness makes Ridge reconsider if the temporary custody is really necessary, plus he points out Brooke has really gotten herself together in the past weeks. Ashley surprisingly has formed the same opinion. Ridge has made up his mind everyone except Stephanie is miserable and they just need their lives back to normal. He is going to call child protective services and request that they drop the temporary custody order and return Hope and RJ to Brooke.

Stephanie and Taylor meet to talk about Thorne’s rash decision to marry Donna but the conversation becomes focused on Brooke and the welfare of the kids. Stephanie wants Taylor to help her, her and Ridge keep the kids from Brooke permanently. Taylor will not help but agrees Brooke may need a little more cool down time because Nick told her Brooke already has a man sending her gifts. This comment just fuels Stephanie’s belief that if Brooke gets the kids back they will have a front row seat to watch the revolving door at Brookes house of the men constantly coming and going. Taylor still will not help she still feels guilty about the testimony at the previous hearing.

Brooke has invited Dorothy, the social worker, to come by for a visit. Brooke is very well put together and calm. She speaks with certainty of her love for the kids and promises they never have and never will be in any harm at her house. And as far as the relationships and men go, Brooke assures Dorothy that her life is the most calm and peaceful it ever has been. Dorothy makes it clear that her only agenda is the safety of the children and she has been really impressed by the way Brooke has pulled herself together. Dorothy tells her that she is going to contact the judge for a hearing first thing in the morning and recommend the temporary custody order be vacated. Brooke is thrilled, finally her kids will be coming home where they belong.

Dorothy drops in on Stephanie to let her friend know in person what will be taking place concerning Hope and RJ. Stephanie is not pleased but doesn’t begin to show it. Staying cool Stephanie advises Dorothy to pop in on Brooke unexpected because Brooke had time to prepare and put on airs. Stephanie speculates because she knows Brooke so well, that she will be ecstatic and go out for a big night on the town to celebrate getting her kids back before the hearing in the morning. She claims that Dorothy should really see who and what she is dealing with before she makes recommendation that she may not be able to live with.

Brooke follows suit, she is treating herself to a fancy dinner at Café Ruse. At the bar Andy Johnson notices Brooke walk in at the same time he is speaking with Stephanie on his cell. Stephanie encourages him to make his move and wishes him luck.

Brooke glances over the menu and hears a familiar tune being whistled. When she looks up there stands Andy, whistling the tune that the caged bird plays. Andy is very forthcoming with flattery and flirtatious comments. Brooke giggles and falls right into his hands. Andy joins her now that he has her blushing and her ego swelling. Andy reveals that he is her secret admirer.

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