B&B Tuesday Update 8/14/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/14/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Thorne and Donna visit Brooke at Forrester Creations to give her the big news about their engagement. Brooke is happy to see them both but surprised that Thorne has stopped by. Brooke is shocked to say the least when she hears of their plans to get married. Brooke doesn’t say much until Thorne leaves to go have a word with Stephanie but she is not happy at all when she speaks with Donna alone. Brooke fears Donna’s plan will backfire and effect Brooke and the kids. Brooke also is worried Donna has no idea what she is getting into dealing with Stephanie. Donna is too sure of herself and certain her plan will work just as she had hoped. Brooke is also concerned for Thorne and how vulnerable he is right now since Darla’s death and breaking up with Taylor. Donna tries to convince Brooke that she can make Thorne happy and be what she needs him to be. They can make each other happy. Donna is beginning to find more than just revenge on Stephanie in her relationship with Thorne.

Jackie drops off an engagement present to Stephanie’s house as a way to gloat and rub salt in Stephanie’s wound. Stephanie doesn’t let Jackie get to her and believes there will not be a wedding after she and Eric talk to Thorne. Eric walks in pleased to se Jackie and thanks her gratefully for the gift and kind wishes for his son. Stephanie is appalled Eric is acting so passive over the news of Thorne marrying a Logan. Stephanie kicks Jackie out so she can deal with Eric.

Eric tries to reel Stephanie in while defending Thorne’s decision and reasons for wanting to marry Donna. Eric is not just standing up for Thorne but himself to. Thorne walks in to confront Stephanie about returning to his house and attacking Donna and her motives after he had told his mother to leave. Eric asks Thorne to have a drink with him to toast his new engagement but Thorne is too angry. Thorne and Stephanie argue over Donna then over his childhood then over his entire life of being looked over because Stephanie had her sights on Ridge’s life. Thorne confesses he does not love Donna but she does fill a void in his life that he needs filled and they can be happy and will be happy. He also confesses that he was in a bad place with pills and alcohol when Donna found him, a place Stephanie never even noticed. Both mother and son are crying as they address much deeper issues than Donna Logan. Stephanie begs him to forgive her and to let her and Eric be there for him now, to give him the love and affection he needs and has always wanted. She pulls him into a motherly embrace to comfort him who is upset after revisiting the tragic emotions that has plagued his entire life and only worsened after losing Darla.

Thorne pulls away telling Stephanie it is too late, she should have been there when he was twelve. Whether she likes it or not Thorne is going to marry Donna. He walks out leaving Stephanie to face facts with tears streaming down her face.

Jackie returns to work to find Donna and Brooke having a conversation hat doesn’t sound too friendly. Brooke has had enough when she can’t convince Donna to back out of the engagement for the sake of keeping Stephanie off Brooke’s back. Jackie warns Donna that she may have bitten off more than she can chew deciding to take Stephanie on personally. Donna is counting on Thorne to step in on her behalf but Jackie knows from experience. Forrester men are not left standing when they decide to tangle with Stephanie and Thorne is even more vulnerable because of his constant yearning for attention from Stephanie.

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