B&B Monday Update 8/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/13/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Phoebe is feeling down about Rick. It is finally setting in and the pain is getting to her. Phoebe goes to the only friend she has in town, Constantine. Constantine tries to lift her spirits by hyping the Boldface Challenge but the idea of singing with Rick is too much for Phoebe to handle. Constantine goes into the studio to get back to work. Phoebe hangs around to listen but is reminded of Rick and what they once shared when Constantine sings a love song about thinking of someone constantly. Constantine can see through the glass that Phoebe is more upset than when she arrived and cuts his session short so he can console her.

Rick has realized and tells Ashley that sex isn’t as important as he thought. Rick respects and admires Phoebe for not wanting to have sex and sticking to her true feelings rather than giving in like most girls would do just to make their boyfriends happy. Ashley doesn’t quite look at it the same way but Rick’s enthusiasm and will to refrain from sex or pressure to have sex if he gets back with Phoebe, isn’t dashed.

Stephanie hit’s the roof after learning that Thorne proposed to Donna. At first she is relatively calm believing she can deal with the problem right there on the spot but Thorne and Donna’s defense of each other proves to make them appear stronger. Stephanie flat out refuses to let Thorne marry Donna. She accuses her son of going through a mid-life crisis and dragging Alley down with him and she can’t let him do that. Donna shows her true colors by quickly catching the hint that Stephanie may intercede and take Alley from Thorne the way she took Hope and RJ. Donna’s anger makes it perfectly clear to Stephanie what she is up too. Stephanie points out the obvious to Thorne but he will not stop and think long enough to see that Stephanie is right about Donna, who never denies Stephanie’s claim.

Stephanie is growing more furious at Thorne stubbornness and orders Donna to take off her engagement ring. When she doesn’t Stephanie grabs her by the hand and tries to rip it off. Thorne jumps in and makes Stephanie leave at once, offering to drive Eric home later.

Eric has no idea the bomb that Thorne is about to drop on him when they have coffee at Insomnia with Alley. Thorne explains why Stephanie had to leave and Thorne is driving Eric home. Eric is in shock to learn Donna is the woman in Thorne’s life and that he plans to marry her. But Eric’s concern is Stephanie, he knows the vendetta against the Logan sisters is only beginning.

Donna lies stretched out seductively on Thorne’s bed in her leopard bra and panties speaking with Jackie on the phone about the progress she has made. Donna is boasting that her revenge on Stephanie is playing out better than she had hoped. The phone goes dead and Donna turns to see Stephanie standing in the door way with the phone cord ripped room the wall in her hand. Stephanie and Donna argue about Donna using Thorne only to exact revenge on Stephanie for being instrumental in taking Brooke’s children. Donna thinks she has Stephanie exactly where she wants her and Stephanie lets Donna carry on , listening to the tart. Stephanie knows that she will bring Donna to her knees just like she has Brooke time and time again. Donna is cocky and too certain of her abilities when she promises Stephanie that she will make her life miserable for the rest of Stephanie’s life.

Nick is preoccupied thinking about Brooke’s mysterious gift. Jackie assumes it is concern rather than jealousy. Jackie tries to ease her son’s worry for Brooke by telling him of Donna’s plan to get back at Stephanie.

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