B&B Friday Update 8/10/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/10/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Bridgett is surprised to find Rick in an especially good mood. He is ready to face the day and fight for Phoebe. He knows if he can win the challenge he can win Phoebe back. Rick gets online and votes again and again for he and Phoebe.

Alley asks Stephanie and Eric if they can decorate her house to welcome Thorne back, and maybe have a barbeque. Stephanie thinks that is a wonderful idea. Eric agrees and they prepare to go over to Thorne’s. Stephanie feels Thorne needs some extra attention right now.

Donna and Thorne arrive back home. Thorne is anxious to go pick up alley but Donna isn’t quite ready to deal with the Stephanie fall out so to side track her new fiancé she strips down to matching blue bra and panties luring Thorne to the bedroom for a little morning sex. Alley is still the last thing on Thorne’s mind when Donna is feeding him strawberries on the deck in their bathrobes. Donna asks if they can go get Alley and go back to Vegas tonight and get married, just the three of them. Thorne wants to give Donna a huge production because she has never been married. Donna passes the buck claiming Brooke has had plenty of extravagant weddings, she prefers something simple and quiet. Thorne agrees to think about it. Donna does offer up a compromise if he really wants something big. They get married just them and Alley in Las Vegas and when they get back Stephanie can throw them a huge reception to tell the world how happy she is for them. Thorne seems to like that idea but the wedding planning stops there when they end up back in the bed.

Stephanie sees a woman’s discarded clothes and high heels lying in the living room floor and sends Eric to the beach with Alley. Stephanie inspects the clothes when Thorne comes from the bedroom followed by Donna who is acting ridiculous pretending to be a kitten. Stephanie has the look of terror come over her face and immediately without missing a beat starts in on Donna and her morals. Thorne just stands by as Stephanie yells at him in fury that he had better of used a lot of condoms when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. Stephanie orders Donna out of the house immediately telling her to go back to the street corner with her sister. When Donna will not leave Stephanie gathers her clothes, overnight bag, and Donna by the hair and throws them all out on the front stoop. Thorne finally steps up “Get your hands off my finance” Stephanie just turns in utter speechless shock.

Ridge and Phoebe talk about the boldface records challenge over morning coffee. Ridge makes no secret he does not want Phoebe singing with Rick and hopes she and Constantine wins, even saying he is going to vote for her and Constantine. Ridge is in full support of her music career but not if it is with Rick. They begin to delve into her feeling for Rick. Though she is committed to not being with Rick and she is still very hurt by what he did she doesn’t want Ridge badmouthing Rick. Ashley walks in after an apparent over-nighter at Ridge’s. this is surprising to Phoebe and upsetting but not for the obvious reasons. Ashley and Ridge explain together that she explained things from her point of view and apologized and Ridge forgave her. Phoebe is fine with that but what upsets her is if ridge can forgive Ashley why is she not allowed to forgive Rick if she wants to. On that cue Ashley leaves, supposedly for the office, to give Ridge and Phoebe time to speak privately.

Ridge fires a way at what an untrustworthy man Rick is and how he will continue to hurt her and it is the best for them to not be together. Phoebe is sick of Ridge telling her how to feel, how to think, always insulting Rick and putting down their relationship. She tells him if he doesn’t learn to respect her feelings as an adult and her decisions she will not longer be able to confide in him.

Ridge changes his tone but sticks by his opinion that Rick is no good for Phoebe.

Ashley goes to Bridget’s to see Rick who is firing away votes for himself online. Ashley tells him that she and Ridge are back together. And asks him as a friend to make sure Phoebe is what he wants because she can tell Phoebe still loves him and certainly misses him. This just inspires Rick more to keep on his mission to win the contest and Phoebe. When Rick tells her he is certain Phoebe is who and what he wants she asks how can he be so sure. His reply is without hesitation or question. “Because if I wasn’t I could have never let you go.”

Donít forget to check out boldfacerecords.com and to text your vote for the duet you like best to 38383 1 for Constantine and Phoebe or 2 for Rick and Phoebe (cost per text is .99)

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