B&B Thursday Update 8/9/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/9/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna pretends to be shocked by the out of the blue marriage proposal but accepts after the appropriate amount of hesitation time. Jumping into Thorne’s arms she puts on a good show of looking like she is really in love with him. They sit on the bed to discuss logistics. Specifically Alley. Thorne is concerned that Donna may have difficulty being a step-mother to Alley who has some emotional problems. Donna swears she loves Alley and will never replace Darla but be her own special person in Alley’s life. Donna’s concern is Stephanie she is not going to take Thorne marrying a Logan very well. Thorne simply thinks Stephanie will just have to face facts and deal with it. Stephanie’s issues is not going to stand in the way of their happiness. Donna kisses Thorne that leads to some hot sex.

After a strenuous workout in the bed Thorne rolls over and calls the concierge requesting a jeweler be sent to their room with a selection of engagement rings and wedding bands. Donna plays a shy intimidated love struck girl when the jeweler arrives, selecting the smallest, most simple stone in the assortment. Thorne puts back the small solitaire and insists on the best ring in the lot, an eight carat three stone ring. Donna blushes and tells him it is too much but Thorne’s mind is made up as long as she likes the ring.

When they are alone Thorne officially gets down on one knee and proposes to Donna. She is so excited (so she claims) she doesn’t want to wait and asks if they can go to a 24 hour wedding chapel. Thorne is a little surprised she wants to get married so quickly. He thought they would go back to LA and get married down the road. Donna blows up accusing him of only proposing so he could get sex from her and never really having the intention of marrying her. She thinks Stephanie said something on the phone to turn him against her when he took a call from Stephanie just moments before. Thorne takes Donna by the shoulders and tells her rationally, he wants to wait for Alley. With all his daughter has been through returning to LA with a new step-mom wouldn’t be fair to Alley. He assures her once again there is nothing Stephanie can do to prevent them from marrying and being happy. Donna Logan will be Mrs. Thorne Forrester.

Nick drops in with some paperwork for Brooke. When he arrives she is in a much better mood than the last he saw her earlier. He immediately notices the singing bird in the cage sitting on her hall table. Nick picks up the cage and admires in. In an almost baby voice that is meant to be sexy Brooke thanks him for the gift. Nick doesn’t have any idea why she is thanking him. The gift she points out. Nick tells her he didn’t send her the birdcage. Brooke is embarrassed and Nick is quick to tell her there is no need for that and holds her per Brooke’s request. Brooke blames the assumption on the fact that she has been alone too much lately and her mind is just running wild.

Nick thinks what she needs is to talk to the kids and tell them how much she loves them and they will let her know she is always in their hearts. Brooke agrees and phones Stephanie’s house. The kids are in the living room playing with Eric when Stephanie answers the phone in the hall. Brooke asks to speak with the kids but Stephanie lies saying they are already in bed. Brooke knows she is lying and threatens to come over if Stephanie doesn’t put the kids on the phone. Stephanie is amused Brooke would think that was a possibility after what happened last time. She reminds Brooke if she steps one foot on Stephanie’s property Brooke will be spending the night in jail.

Eric and Stephanie sip martini’s and chat. They both enjoy having the house filled with children again and are playing the role of grandparents to the fullest. Eric confides he is a little worried that Brooke may pose some real competition in the design market. Stephanie believes his fears to be foolish. A savvy business woman yes, but a designer she is not. Eric makes popcorn in the kitchen with the kids when Stephanie is paid a visit by Andy Johnson. She is surprised to see him at her front door but welcomes him in, though she doesn’t want Eric to see him or hear them speaking.

Andy thanks Stephanie for pointing him in the direction of Brooke and he is quite interested in seeing what Brooke has to offer but he is confused as to why ,with Stephanie’s past with Brooke and Brooke’s recent legal problems concerning the kids, she would think Brooke should be involved with someone. Stephanie doesn’t try to evade what Andy knows about her and her family and simply but diplomatically replies that she thinks Brooke needs a diversion right now. Andy is a lawyer and he did some research before getting involved and points out the obvious “a diversion from your family?” With that said and everyone being on the same page Stephanie shows Andy to the door escaping any close calls with Eric.

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