B&B Wednesday Update 8/8/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/8/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Taylor and nick woo over an ultrasound picture, the sex of the baby is still unknown because of the position of the fetus. Nick asks with Taylor’s age if an amnio test is required or is it unnecessary because of the age of the donor. Bridget seems to think it isn’t necessary but it can be performed if that is what they want. Carl is in the room restocking supplies and begins to cough rudely and drop things when Bridget is leaning Nick and Taylor away from the amnio test. Realizing Carl could say something since he is going to such lengths to get her attention Bridget steps out of the room with him. Carl is upset wanting to know why she didn’t take the opportunity to run the test and get DNA from the fluids. Bridget has accepted the answer she was given by the chief of medicine and would like for carl to let the subject go but he is convinced Taylor is pregnant with Brooke’s baby. After her appointment Taylor goes to work and Nick stops by to see Brooke.

Brooke tells him that the visit went well and Ridge seems to be coming around. She tears up when she remembers just how much she loves her kids. Nick holds her.

Stephanie uses flattery to convince Andy Johnson to peruse brooke. He is curious as to why it seems so important to Stephanie. Stephanie pretends to be concerned and would like Brooke to find happiness considering the hard time she has been having lately. Andy agrees and Stephanie begins to coach him on what the best approach would be. When Stephanie returns to her table, pleased with herself, Andy asks the bartender who she is. The bartender answers like you don’t know, that’s Stephanie Forrester. Andy is really intrigued now.

Brooke gets a buzz at her gate, it’s a messenger with a package she lets him up and it isn’t bolts of fabric from work as she had expected. While Brooke goes to get a tip the messenger lets himself in complimenting her décor and stating it was cozy, a great place to raise kids. He got Brooke’s attention, she asks how he knows she had kids and he points out the photo on the table. Feeling foolish she simply states yes, they are the light of my life. The messenger tells her to forgo the tip and lets himself out. Brooke opens the card then the package. The card reads “From your secret admirer” and in side the box is a decorative birdcage with a beautiful red wind up song bird inside. Brooke looks at it in amazement as the messenger watches her from a crack in the door.

Stephanie visits Taylor at her office after dinner. Stephanie wants to get Taylor’s professional opinion about Thorne. Just like her attempted talk with Ridge about his brother the conversation immediately turned to the damning interview humiliating Brooke in front of thousands of viewers. Taylor lectures Stephanie for being so petty and hurtful for no reason. Stephanie briefly defends her self but adds she has no doubt Brooke will slip sooner than anyone expects. Taylor on the contrary believes in Brooke’s commitment to winning her kids back and will not do anything to jeopardize that, especially not have sex with someone. Stephanie is amused and more certain than Taylor that Brooke most certainly will sleep with someone because she can’t help herself.

Thorne continues to try and make his and Donna’s trip to Vegas special but every time things begin to go well she pulls away and becomes borderline hysterical always with something wrong about the way he is treating her. Over champagne she really turns on the waterworks and puts on a show. Bawling her eyes out Donna pretends to be devastated by the reality of a relationship with Thorne. Donna claims they could never be together because of Stephanie and her vendetta against her family. How every woman in her son’s lives Stephanie tries to tear apart and treat like trash. Donna just can’t bare to be hurt and treated that way, the way her sister has been abused at the hand of Stephanie. Donna cares too much and is too involved in Thorne and Alley to let Stephanie yank her out of their lives not to mention what it would do to Donna’s heart. Thorne attempts to convince her it won’t be that way and Stephanie doesn’t run or have a say so in his life but Donna continues on with the dramatics until she gets what she wants. Thorne refuses to just let her walk away from what they have started, not over his mother. Damn them all the whole world as far as he is concerned. Thorne purposes to Donna.

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