B&B Tuesday Update 8/7/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/7/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna has made plans for her and Thorne to go to Las Vegas. She confides in Jackie exactly what her big plan is, to lure Thorne into marriage to show Stephanie what a real daughter-in-law from hell is. Jackie is concerned for Donna’s feelings but glad to see someone finally stand up to Stephanie. Nick interrupts needing Jackie immediately so they can get to work on damage control from Stephanie’s attacking interview. Stephanie calls Thorne asking him to come over and talk to her about what is going on. Thorne doesn’t want to talk and even if he did he can’t, he has plans of going out of town for a couple of days. Stephanie is glad to hear it will not be alone, though she has no idea who Thorne’s traveling companion is.

When they arrive in Las Vegas they get settled into the room and the bed. Just as things are heating up Donna pushes Thorne away and covers her half naked body acting as though she were frightened. Thorne is confused and concerned. “Donna, what’s wrong?”

Stephanie goes over to ridge’s home to speak with him about Thorne but the conversation quickly turns to her inflammatory statements she made on live television yesterday about Brooke. Stephanie still stands by what she said and how she feels about Brooke’s unstable lifestyle. She asks Ridge if he wants his kids raised like Bridget and Rick were. Ridge knows she has a point but still would prefer that the kids grandmother not say such cruel and nasty things about their mother.

Brooke arrives for her scheduled visitation with the kids. They are happy to see her. Ridge wants to give her time alone with them but she asks that he stay and play with them all. Ridge agrees. Brooke asks right away about he and Ashley, he does tell her that he has forgiven Ashley and they are seriously dating again. Ridge asks if she is seeing anyone and she tells him her only focus is on the kids right now.

Stephanie has dinner at café Ruse and happens to over hear the host pass along a message to a Mr. Andy Johnson who is waiting for people at the bar. Stephanie recognizes the name as the name and number on the cocktail napkin Brooke had in her possession after her night sleeping in the car and smelling of booze.

Stephanie approaches Mr. Johnson and offers to buy him a drink. At first he thinks she is trying to pick him up but Stephanie is too direct for that. She introduces herself on the basis they have a mutual acquaintance. At first Mr. Johnson does not recall Brooke but it comes back to him. Stephanie tells him point blank he should give her another chance. Andy Johnson and Stephanie have drinks together and become quite chummy at the bar.

When Brooke’s visit is up Ridge offers to speak with child protective services and see if they can lengthen the visits. Brooke doesn’t want him to she wants to just play by the rules and not upset anyone. Ridge promises it won’t always be quick supervised visits. Brooke does ask him to talk to Stephanie and have her stay out of Brooke’s life. Ridge agrees to try. Once Brooke begins to open up about what Stephanie is doing she becomes erratic accusing Stephanie of trying to destroy her and coming close to succeeding.

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