B&B Monday Update 8/6/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/6/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Ashley kiss after their make up. Ridge is glad that he didn’t let her getaway. Ashley is glad too. Eric and Felicia walk in unannounced going back and forth over a matter that seems to have both pretty worked up. Eric defends Stephanie but Felicia fears her mother will take this opportunity to publicly attack Brooke, reminding her father and brother about the last time Stephanie had a microphone in her hand. She ousted Jackie as a prostitute. Eric believes Felicia is over reacting. “What’s going on ?” Ridge asks Phoebe and Stephanie are scheduled to appear on a national talk show. They tune in.

At first the interview is going well, a very positive image of Forrester Originals. Phoebe is doing the talking. She and the host discuss her new fragrance and her singing career. Phoebe takes this opportunity to spread the word about the Boldface Challenge. When ridge hears the details for the first time he busts out pointing at the TV “She is not going to sing with Rick!” The host turns to Stephanie who is all smiles and plays well for the camera she conducts herself well composed and professional as she makes every dig at the competition, Brooke, and Donna all while getting the facts and her opinion out there without looking spiteful and vindictive. Brooke, Donna, Jackie, and Stephanie’s family sees right through the act and pick up on every dig.

Brooke just breaks down unable to cope and feeling defeated. Donna who is watching with Thorne acts indignant and insinuates, when Thorne tries to comfort her, that they need to end their new romance because Stephanie will poison it too. Thorne unwilling to lose Donna and playing right into her master plan promises to put and end to Stephanie’s ridicule.

Stephanie is lectured by her family but she is flippant claiming there wasn’t anything she said that wasn’t true and she’s glad the interview went so well. Thorne is out of breathe and rushes through the door ordering Stephanie to leave the Logan family alone. Stephanie with the same “I don’t care attitude” turns to him telling him to calm down and not seeing what has got him so worked up. Almost humiliating him like a child in front of the rest of the family she tells him “Honey, they don’t give two figs about you”

Thorne and Stephanie speak in private about the matter. Thorne has calmed a little but is still angry with Stephanie’s cruel words. He wants to tell Stephanie and the world about him and Donna but doesn’t because Donna was so opposed to telling Stephanie just yet. Thorne tries to reason with her and get her to release her jaws from around the hypothetical neck of Brooke and Donna. He gets nowhere.

Donna goes to the office to comfort Brooke. Brooke cries in humiliation and devastation believing Stephanie has finally won and can’t imagine she tries so hard to hurt Brooke. Donna promises she will fight Stephanie for Brooke and when she is through with her Stephanie will regret the way she has treated both sisters.

Thorne calls Donna and asks her to get away with him for a few days, maybe up the coast to a B&B? Donna agrees but asks that she make the arrangements because Thorne sounds exhausted he gives in and lets her. Donna goes to the computer and begins to research Las Vegas and wedding chapels.

Brooke tries to find inspiration to design something spectacular for her new position as head designer at Forrester Creations but is distracted by a DVD of the children playing pirates with Nick. Donna promises that everything will work out for the best , before going to get ready for her date.

Thorne is dressed and on his way out to pick up Donna for their first real date when she knocks at the door. Thorne is surprised he thought he would pick her up. Donna notices he is dressed up and asks why. Thorne trying to impress her was thinking he would take her to Café Ruse. Donna gets upset believing that he only wants to buy her off like the whore Stephanie says that she is and he doesn’t think she is good enough to be in his house. Thorne denies both accusations and agrees to stay in with sandwiches and beer.

While Thorne works in the kitchen Donna sees Darla’s wedding rings sitting in front of a photo, she tries on the ring secretly and gets an idea.

As they eat Donna tries to talk to Thorne about Stephanie keeping Brooke’s children from her. Thorne becomes uncomfortable and doesn’t want to talk about it. When Donna presses on Thorne reaches for his pills, that she has. Donna asks about them pointing out the precautions on the label and noticing he does not follow the directions. Donna accuses him of being addicted and having a problem. Annoyed Thorne admits he has a problem but it isn’t with the pills. Thorne opens up and tells her about his feelings regarding the loss of Darla and how it isn’t getting any easier to deal with. Thorne stops and asks why Donna is alone. Acting flirty she says “I didn’t think I was alone” It hits Thorne Donna hates his family and he doesn’t know why she is acting like she wants him. Donna feels connected to Thorne because he isn’t like the rest of his family and jokes with him about being a mind reader, acting like he knows what she feels.

Donna moves in to seduce Thorne before he gets too close to the truth. She blindfolds him telling him if he is going to be a mind reader he needs to look like one and begins to kiss, caress, and undress him. All the while she is thinking about what Stephanie has said and done to her and Brooke and how she is going to take her revenge at last. Thorne happily gives in to her advances. Stephanie won’t know what hit her when Donna becomes the next Mrs. Thorne Forrester.

Ashley asks Ridge to forgive her so they can move and get to the happiness and good that she knows they can have together. Before Ridge can answer very happy children come running through the door and Stephanie to follow with a bag of groceries announcing they were going to have a barbeque. “Mother this isn’t a good time” Stephanie ignores ridge’s hint and answers back “it’s always a good time for a barbeque” and hurries after the children with the groceries. Ashley and Abbey are invited to stay. The evening is awkward for Ashley as she feels she is not welcome at such a family gathering. The kids are having a wonderful time while Eric grills. Stephanie talks to ridge recognizing he does care for Ashley and he is simply letting his pride dictate his decisions. Stephanie compares her strenuous relationship with Eric over the years to ridge and Ashley and what they could be. Sometimes you have to set your pride aside, she advises.

After dinner Abbey asks if she can spend the night, Ashley politely tells her not tonight. Abbey asks if she can at least finish watching the movie she and hope and RJ had already started. Ashley agrees at Eric’s insistence. Ridge asks Ashley to speak with him alone in his room. When they walk away Stephanie knows her talk finally set in. Ashley doesn’t feel so confidant.

When Ashley comes to Ridge’s room he begins with “If we are going to be seeing each other….” Ashley cuts him off making a quick excuse that she will stay out of his way at work. Pulling her close he corrects Ashley and gets right to the point. He doesn’t want her to leave not tonight or ever. Ridge realizes that he has to forgive her because he loves her. Ashley is speechless and stunned. Ridge realizes they were so new to dating each other that he has a thousand things that he hasn’t told her and he hates what she did but he did over react. Ashley promises never to do anything ever again that will make him not trust her. They kiss and fall to the bed. Down blow sitting by the pool with Eric Stephanie notices the light in ridge’s room go out. Proud of herself Stephanie sends eric to tell Abbey, Ashley has changed her mind and she can sleep over.

Brooke watches the video of her children saying “Mommy I love you!” into the camera and cries.

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