B&B Thursday Update 8/2/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/2/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Phoebe is doing well handling the break up. She is in good spirits and has a positive and busy attitude. She is excited to be working on a new project with Constantine. Ridge likes seeing her spend time with Constantine. Phoebe is concerned about Ridge and how he is handling the break up with Ashley. He tells her not to worry about him but she does. Phoebe asks him to not break up with Ashley just for her. If he can’t get past the fact she was with Rick that is one thing but if it is just to support her she would rather him be with Ashley.

Stephanie and Ashley go over the first sales numbers they have received on the new Phoebe fragrance line. Everything sounds good to Stephanie what she is worried about is Ashley and ridge. Ashley knows Ridge is working from home to avoid her and believes Ridge simply can’t forgive her. Stephanie asks Ashley to keep trying and not give up on Ridge. Ashley agrees to take the sales numbers over to his house and try once more to talk to him but if that doesn’t work then she is giving up.

Stephanie rushes over and cuts straight to the chase. Stephanie sees and knows how happy ridge has been since he has been with Ashley and she would hate to see him throw it away without ever really giving it a chance. Stephanie believes Ridge will spend the rest of his life wondering if Ashley might have really been the one.

Ashley arrives with some work and doesn’t bring up the relationship until Ridge gives her a severance package. Ashley is annoyed by the gesture and decides to fight for him and her job. Ashley tells Ridge how she let her brother run her out of Genoa City with out a fight and how she has time and time again lost the man she loves, Victor Newman, because she would fight for him. That’s not going to happen this time. She hopes for his forgiveness and asks for it because she has fallen in love with him and believes he wants to be with her too. Ridge explains the one thing he can’t forgive her for is hurting Phoebe. Ashley apologizes and tells him he never meant to hurt her or involve her but she cannot unring that bell and all any of them can do is move forward from her, and she would like to move forward with him and she thinks he wants that too.

Phoebe and Constantine mingle with the crowd at the Bikini beach bar handing out flyers and asking people to vote for them on the Boldface Challenge. Rick arrives gloriously one- upping Constantine’s flyers and hands out t-shirts . Phoebe confides in a girlfriend that Rick cheated on her and they are not together anymore. Phoebe admits that she is hurting but she can’t forgive him. Gorgeous male models arrive to strut through the crowd in their swim trunks. Across their back is written “Vote for Rick and Phoebe” Phoebe watches in amazement “he isn’t ever going to stop” her friend asks “Do you really want him too?”

Constantine and Rick are at each other’s throats every time they cross paths. Phoebe tries to intervene. While Phoebe is trying to make peace a sky-flyer flies over the beach and bar pulling a streamer that reads “VOTE FOR RICK AND PHOEBE BOLDFACERECORDS.COM”

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