B&B Wednesday Update 8/1/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/1/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna and Jackie try to enjoy lunch but both are worried about Brooke and both blame one person, Stephanie. Jackie figures out that Donna is working on a plan to get back at Stephanie and Donna drops hints that she is exactly right. Speak of the devil, in walks Stephanie with Hope and RJ. Donna goes over to she niece and nephew who are happy to see her in return. The kids run off to watch a smoothie being made leaving Donna and Stephanie alone at the table. Donna tries to threaten Stephanie warning her that she will be sorry if Stephanie doesn’t back off and let Brooke have her kids back. “face the kids are better off with my family” Stephanie isn’t a bit concerned at the little blonde twits threats. Stephanie has a good chuckle making a comment referring to Brooke being relieved she isn’t tied down with the kids, this way she can go back to her whoring ways. Donna moves to slap Stephanie who even though she is old enough to be the girls grandmother catches her by the wrist slamming her arm to the table and holding it there. The chuckles are all gone when Stephanie tells Donna that she had better never try that again and she doesn’t want to push Stephanie, for Brooke’s sake.

Donna gets a call from Thorne who feels horrible for the way he acted and asks her to wait at the Bikini bar so he can make it up to her. Donna agrees but keeps it to herself for now. Donna has a renews self confidence in her plan and warns Stephanie one day she is going to see she could have had it a lot worse for a daughter-in-law. Stephanie laughs at the absurdity.

Thorne arrives to find Donna acting like the wounded and humiliated victim. He insists on taking her out to dinner and a real night out. At first Donna plays the poor, poor pitiful me part but agrees. Thorne leans over and lays a big kiss on Donna who is surprised by the move.

Rick hopes to find an ally in Brooke but finds she has sided with Ridge and Taylor. Brooke tells Rick that she believes he and Phoebe aren’t good for each other. Rick is upset by his mother’s lack of support but goes on to tell her he can’t go on with out Phoebe and will do whatever it takes to get her back and prove how much he loves her.

Constantine is still caught up in his excitement about the Boldface Records Challenge that will pit his performance with Phoebe against Rick’s in a world wide vote. When phoebe is having trouble focusing and doesn’t seem excited Constantine asks what is wrong. Phoebe tells him the Ashley was the other woman and she and Rick are over for good. Constantine is supportive just as a friend should be and even manages to talk her into participating in the Challenge that will result in a concert event on August 24 with her as the headliner. After all the votes are in whichever duet the fans have voted on the most will be who she sings with. Phoebe can’t face singing with Rick. Constantine jokes, don’t worry you won’t have to because you and I will win. Phoebe puts her feelings towards Rick aside and agrees. Constantine offers to talk to Rick for her but she feels it should come from her.

Phoebe is working with models at Forrester when Rick interrupts expecting Phoebe to turn him away but she doesn’t. Phoebe invites him in but it isn’t to talk about there relationship. Phoebe explains the Challenge. Rick enthusiastically agrees telling her not only are they going to win he can win her heart back in the process. He is going to show her through this project just how much she means to him and how he will do anything to make her his. Phoebe listens without comment or objection but tears up when Rick takes her face in his hands and tells her he will spend the rest of his life loving her.

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