B&B Tuesday Update 7/31/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/31/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ashley goes to Stephanie’s house to tell her about what happened with Rick and to apologize for betraying and hurting her son and granddaughter. Stephanie is glad that the news will finally put an end to Rick and Phoebe but isn’t worried that ridge will hold her past against Ashley for long. Ashley has convinced herself that Ridge has washed his hands with her but Stephanie assures her that he has been through much worse. Ashley is surprised Stephanie isn’t angry with her. Stephanie makes a deal with Ashley she will only be angry with her if Ashley leaves town and doesn’t fight for Ridge. Ashley agrees.

Phoebe sits alone and in self-pity in her room looking at photos of her and Rick. He continues to call no matter how much she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk with him. Rick tells Bridget that the truth about him and Ashley has come out and phoebe is devastated. Rick explains to his sister that he cannot lose phoebe, he loves her too much. Bridget has her doubts that Rick can get his relationship back on track with phoebe and tries to talk Rick out of going to Ridge’s house to see Phoebe. Rick is aware that Ridge will be hovering and will try to keep Rick from seeing phoebe but that is a chance he is willing to take.

Ridge has rallied Brooke and Taylor to the house to break the news about Ashley and Rick being involved and Phoebe ending her relationship with Rick. Brooke attempts to defend Rick but quickly jumps that shi[ when Rick arrives and demands to see Phoebe. Rick threatens that he will see phoebe and Ridge won’t stand in his way. Ridge tells Rick it isn’t him standing in Rick’s way, “It’s all of us” including Brooke in that statement. Rick makes his stand saying that he made a mistake a mistake that will never happen again. He proclaims his undying and unfaltering love for Phoebe and promises to do whatever it takes to win her back and make her trust him again. Phoebe is listening from the top of the stairs. When Rick is done she makes her presence known and comes down the stairs to give her own speech.

Phoebe looks Rick in the eye and remembers the wonderful and magical times they have shared, and fondly looks back on how special he made her feel. Rick has tears streaming down his face as he listens believing his words hit a chord with Phoebe. But Phoebe quickly changes her tune bringing up the betrayal and how he hurt her , then tells him she could never be with him again and ends it “It’s over.” Ridge and Rick exchange unfriendly glares.

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