B&B Monday Update 7/30/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/30/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Ridge is angry with Ashley not for himself but for phoebe. Ashley defends herself claiming that she does not feel she betrayed him because they were barely speaking and she had no idea where their relationship could go or would go. Ridge doesn’t cut Ashley any slack as he listens to her explanation of the details. Ashley is honest and forthcoming if anything and she doesn’t hold back feeling no more damage could come from this situation and she tells ridge everything . She admits to having deep feelings for Rick but she isn’t in love with him. They had a fling but not an affair, sleeping with Rick in Mexico and she doesn’t regret it. Rick and Phoebe were not together and she needed someone and Rick needed someone so they found each other, something and someone that filled that momentary void.

Ashley tries to explain the best she can about what she and Rick really were and how they each fell for Ridge and phoebe but ridge has lost his trust in Ashley and is disappointed she could knowingly hurt and betray Phoebe who respected and looked at Ashley as a friend. Ashley didn’t feel it was her place to reveal such an intimate detail.

Ashley begins to cry when she realizes the truth about her feelings for ridge. She is in love with him and fears losing him for good. Ashley admits her feelings to Ridge who says nothing, he just turns away from her. Ashley runs from the office crying.

Phoebe finds her way to the only friend she has Constantine, who doesn’t even recognize Phoebe is upset and not acting like herself. Constantine is anxious to introduce Phoebe to a new young artist he has signed Lil’Keisha, and he wants phoebe to listen to Keisha’s new single. The song is about being in love and losing that love prompting Phoebe to fade farther inside herself remembering Rick and what they shared.

Rick calls and calls trying to get phoebe to speak with him telling her how he needs to hear her voice and promises he will be waiting with nothing but love and devotion when she is ready to talk.

Brooke is permitted a supervised and timed visit with her children at Stephanie’s house. When the time is up Stephanie points Brooke towards the door telling her she must leave now. Brooke argues as if she has been insulted and was unaware of the situation. Stephanie is quick to lay the blame and rule making back on the courts not herself. Brooke decides to test the waters and call Stephanie’s bluff but changes her mind when Stephanie moves towards the hall phone stating “Suit yourself, take your chances” Brooke backs down and decides it is time for her to go. On her way out Stephanie tells her if she knows what is best she will tell Donna to stay the hell away from her and her family. Brooke is shocked unaware that Donna had been to see Stephanie.

Donna lies beside Thorne waiting for him to wake so she can truly put her plan in motion. Thorne rolls over and is surprised to see Donna. He has no memory of her beyond speaking with her at the bar. Donna covers her naked body in shame and begins to cry and whine that she thought they really connected and bonded and had something real. Trying to flee the room in embarrassment pulling the sheet from the bed she claims he used her just like Ridge. Thorne feels guilty and tries to smooth things out taking a gentler approach, though he still cannot remember having sex with her. Thorne decides a shower is what he needs to help clear his aching head , when he leaves the room Donna’s tears turn into a devilish smirk. Donna throws on one of Thorne’s shirts and waits for him to get out of the shower. Brooke calls asking that no matter what Donna does for her to please not do anything that could push Stephanie’s buttons. Donna agrees although she knows it is already too late for that when Stephanie call Thorne on his phone.

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