B&B Friday Update 7/27/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/27/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Now that phoebe knows the other woman in Rick’s life was Ashley she is okay with it because it was just a passing flirtation and she happen to be there when Phoebe was pushing Rick away. Ready to clear the air Rick tells phoebe it wasn’t just a passing flirtation. He tells her the he knew Ashley in Paris and they became very close, very, close. Phoebe still seems to be taking the news well but Rick goes on to tell her about rerouting the plane to Mexico. Phoebe now believes he kissed Ashley and asks if he did. Rick stares at her. She knows and can’t take it. Rick slept with Ashley and it wasn’t just one time. Phoebe is crushed and furious. She runs out and into the comforting arms of Ridge. Phoebe crying tells Ridge how right he was and that the other woman was Ashley. Ridge is shocked at the news but concentrates on phoebe not his feelings.

Ashley returns to the lab surprised to see Rick is still there waiting. “Phoebe knows everything.” he tells her calmly. Ashley runs out of the lab to try and get to Ridge first but it is too late. Ridge is thinking staring out the window. Ashley rushes through the door calling for Ridge. He turns and looks at her and she can tell he already knows.

Taylor visits with Stephanie to warn her Thorne is headed for dangerous times if they don’t intervene. Taylor explains how he attacked her last night and she understands she will have to carry that guilt for the rest of her life but something is off with Thorne. Stephanie agrees but didn’t think it was as big a deal as Taylor is making it out to be. Taylor tells Stephanie as a friend and professionally that Thorne is exhibiting all the signs of addiction. Taylor feels they should keep an eye on Thorne and help him when he is ready to be helped.

Thorne and Donna drink together. Donna jokes she would drink too if Stephanie was her mother. She then makes the heartless comment asking if Thorne knew what it was like to have the one person you loved most in the world taken from you, referring to Stephanie and Ridge taking the children from Brooke. Donna apologizes and tells Thorne about the awful names Stephanie had just called her and Brooke. Thorne breaks down telling Donna about the loss he still feels for Darla and how everyone thinks he should just get over it but he can’t. Thorne pops some pills and Donna begins to worry. She asks what it is he’s taking but he refuses to tell her. Fine, she tries to leave but Thorne grabs her pulling her back. He falls all over her in a drunken stupor. Donna tells the bartender she will take him home.

Donna struggles to get Thorne who is barely awake into the bed. In and out of consciousness Thorne asks for a glass of water. Donna is frustrated she has been strapped with Thorne all evening but agrees to get him some water. Next to the water picture is a photo of Stephanie. Donna sees the photo and remembers all the cruel things Stephanie earlier said to her. Donna picks up the photo to throw it across the room but sees a picture of Thorne and Alley. An idea comes to her.

Thorne is lying in bed whispering Darla’s name. Donna returns with the water and the incapacitated state of Thorne and takes off her clothes climbing in bed with him. Thorne rolls over calling her Darla. She doesn’t correct him.

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