B&B Thursday Update 7/26/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/26/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

Donna is frustrated no one will listen to her about the events that occurred the night the children were left alone. Brooke tries to calm her sister and assure her that Donna is not to blame. Stephanie is. Donna is quick to jump on that band wagon especially after she learns that Brooke was not allowed to see the kids last night and was dragged away like a criminal. Donna leaves claiming she is going to lunch but goes to confront Stephanie.

Stephanie couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong with Thorne and goes to find him sitting at the Beach Bar drinking heavily. Thorne tells Stephanie about the emotions he is still feeling about Darla’s death but most of all he just wants to be left alone. Stephanie is willing to respect his wishes and tells him she loves him as she is swiping his keys off the bar. The conversation with his mother was just too much, Thorne has to take some of his pills and continues to drink away the after noon.

When Stephanie returns home with Thorne on her mind she is in no mood for Donna. Donna tries to lay down the law with Stephanie but she cuts Donna short comparing her to Brooke and claiming they are just alike “Irresponsible sluts!” and throws her out slamming the door in her face. The insults from Stephanie was just too much Donna needed a drink Donna makes her way to the Beach Bar and is rude and insulting when she sees Thorne, “another Forrester” Donna changes her tune when she sees Thorne is not himself. She makes her way over to see Thorne is literally fall down drunk. When he tries to stagger off to phone a cab he falls into Donna’s arms. Thorne looks into Donna’s face but sees Darla, just upsetting himself more.

Ashley is happy and bubbly like a teenager after the night she spent with Ridge. Rick comes by the lab to check on her when se didn’t make a meeting the night before. He can tell from the way she is acting that she slept with Ridge. Rick begins to lecture her but she nips it in the bud telling him after the way he has treated her recently she doesn’t want to hear anymore bad about ridge out of his mouth. Now is as good a time as any for Ashley to tell Rick she is going to tell Ridge about their past. Rick understands why she feels she has to but asks her to hold off just a little longer. Rick doesn’t go into detail but tells her that he and Phoebe are going through something really personal right now. Ashley agrees. They hug and Phoebe walks in to speak with Ashley after finding out from ridge that they are officially a couple. Ashley excuses her self and makes a quick excuse for the hug. When Phoebe hears the sift seductive way Ashley speaks to Rick before leaving phoebe has flashes of times she has caught Ashley and Rick in the same position and the voice mail Constantine had of the other woman. It was Ashley. Rick apologizes and explains his thoughts and feelings about his love and commitment for Phoebe and he has decided that he loves her enough to put sex on hold. Phoebe is grateful and glad to hear it but struggling with what she has just figured out. Phoebe brings up the subject and claims she can’t have this untouched secret between them anymore she must talk to him about the other woman. She tells him directly “I know who she is it’s Ashley, isn’t it?” “Yes, it’s Ashley.” Rick answers without hesitation.

Before telling Phoebe about he and Ashley ridge spoke via phone with a private investigator he hired to find out who this other woman was that Constantine told him about.

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