B&B Wednesday Update 7/25/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/25/07


Written By Dani
Pictures by Boo

The pitter patter of little feet is the sound of joy to Stephanie and Eric as they enjoy the very young company they are keeping. Stephanie longs to have all her grandchildren and children together again under the same roof. Right now all is right except with Thorne, something just seems off Stephanie tells Eric. Eric believes his wife is just being paranoid and looking for problems. He tells her to just let Thorne have his fun. Stephanie agrees he does deserve to have fun but he seemed like he was trying too hard to appear happy at the office earlier. Abbey is a born leader making friends with the younger children but leading them too. Stephanie admires those qualities in the young girl even though she is so young. Eric marvels, Stephanie likes Abbey because she is like Stephanie.

Brooke is settling and welcomed back to Forrester Creations by Rick. Brooke encourages Rick to come work with her and Nick. The idea appeals to Rick but he feels he can’t abandon his father. He does consider however, how nice it would be to work without Ridge being in his face everyday. That is nonsense Brooke explains he is letting his personal feelings effect his professional. Rick turns the tables on Brooke and asks if she is capable of not doing the same. Rick worries that Brooke will be and is unable to work side by side day in and day out with Nick without acting on her feelings for him.

Brooke confides that the theory has already been put to the test, they almost kissed the night of the hearing but that will never happen again. Looking Rick in the eye she promises, her first priority is getting the kids back then her career. As soon as Rick leaves Brooke phones Ridge.

Nick meets Taylor at the Beach Club for a night out to relax and to themselves. The conversation immediately turns to Brooke and her employment at Forrester Creations. Taylor is okay with her working there as long as it is for the right reasons. Nick defends his purpose for hiring Brooke. Taylor jokes that she must be crazy letting her husband work around Brooke and models everyday, speaking of models she points out Thorne is in the company of a very beautiful woman.

Thorne is across the room trying to have a great time drinking glass after glass of Champagne and after seeing Darla’s face on a blonde model he takes another handful of pills and spots Taylor and Nick. Thorne staggers over to congratulate the newly weds and parents-to-be. Taylor takes the compliment and returns with “I’m glad to see you are enjoying yourself.” Thorne turns on Taylor “Oh! You think I am enjoying myself…..?” Taylor is stunned but takes what Thorne has to dish out. Thorne tells her and Nick that no one will ever make him as happy as Darla did but he sees she meant nothing to Taylor who can move on so quickly. Taylor tries to calm Thorne but he is only angrier stating the obvious…. You can move on so easily here you are a night out on the town, candle light, new husband, new baby on the way, “What not a bottle of wine…?” Taylor innocently answers “You know I gave that up.” Sadly and full of regret for his dead wife Thorne makes his ultimate point “Too late for Darla, though”

Ashley sits speechless staring at the ring size box Ridge placed on her knee. Go ahead, open it, he encourages. Ashley does so hesitantly and is relieved to find a stunning pair of earrings and not an engagement ring. The beautiful gift prompts Ashley and Ridge to get pretty heated physically and make their way kissing, the whole time, to the bedroom. Ashley welcomes ridge’s advances and they strip down to finally have sex. Just before they can get to the deed the phone rings. It’s Brooke. She demands to come over and see the children. Ridge tells her that the kids are spending the night with his parents because he has plans with Ashley. Brooke is put out by this but insists on seeing and swears that she will see her kids tonight whether Stephanie likes it or not, and hangs up on Ridge.

Brooke shows up at Stephanie’s house and she absolutely forbids Brooke from seeing the kids and she has the law on her side. Security comes and drags Brooke off of the property. Stephanie warns if Brooke ever comes to her house again without making an appointment she will take out a restraining order and have her arrested. As Brooke is being dragged away she screams into the night “I hate you! And you will pay for this! You will pay!”

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